The Great Experiment

This Planet was created as an experiment.  As a place to work out some galactic issues that had us divided, one against another.  It was the perfect environment, because our creations are slowed down enough so that we can see how we, with our own frequency, our own vibration, create our own reality.  And there it is, that reality, right up in our face…up close and very personal!  

After a long time, the human species came to a point where they wanted something different.  They wanted to break out of their refrain of battling an enemy in order to dominate and stay in control.

Most are not consciously aware of that desire, other than a feeling of unrest within their being.  And some don’t want to create something different and hold fast to their old ways.  We don’t have to look too far to see how that’s playing out on the world stage.

So, we can break it down even further and say that each country and nation is a manifestation of a group consciousness.  Just as are weather patterns.  Everything on the outside was once on the inside.

Physical realities are manifestations of inner realities, inner aspects of consciousness.


For example the United States of America was an experiment in freedom.  The framers of the constitution had an ideal in mind, that would make this country different, that would allow the nation to become a template for democracy.

Make no mistake however, it was a violent country, and it’s Wild West ideology remains to this day.  But the group of humans that wrote the constitution wanted to establish a country in which all people are equal in the eyes of the law.

The freedom they sought, even if they ended up fighting and dying for it in many cases, was a freedom from tyranny.  And from a monarchy, a dictatorship or a totalitarian regime.  Many who came here were done with those old ways of being controlled.

But even here, in the land of the free, there were factions that wanted to oppress other groups of people, to curtail the freedom of others, and that wanted to use politics and religion to do so.

Those factions are still alive and well today.

There were those who wanted to control and silence women’s voices, and those groups still exist today.

However, there are more people in this country who believe that all people are created equal, and that everyone deserves to live with freedom and dignity.  Those same people believe in law and order, and believe that no one, no matter what their status, or their political or economic position, is above the law.  That includes the president, the highest of offices.


America likes to think it’s the best and most progressive country in the world but in some ways it is actually quite backwards, still quite puritanical, and patriarchal.  Surprisingly, it is listed as one of the 10 most dangerous countries for women. It is one of the highest in gun violence in the world. These are not things to be proud of.

Women’s basic human rights are still being trampled upon.

It’s not a perfect country nor is it a perfect system, but more people in this country are in favor of freedom than not. More people than not want the constitution to be upheld.  They believe in freedom for all and equality for all. I am not talking about freedom to oppress a gender, or to oppress a marginalized group.

They believe in the freedom of speech. They support freedom of the press. They believe in the freedom to bear arms but they also believe in reasonable gun laws. They believe immigrants have the right to come here for a new life free from violence and oppression, and that historically we are all immigrants, but they also believe in strong border laws.  They believe in compassionate immigration.

They believe in the freedom of all genders to have the same considerations across the board.  That  a transgender person should not have to worry about using a public bathroom.  A basic human dignity that most people take for granted.

They believe women should be treated as human beings, with the right to decide for themselves what they wish to do with their life and their body.

They support industry and business, and they also believe that our precious water and air must be protected from pollution. They believe in cultural diversity and that it is something that has made this country strong, not weak. 

Art by Maria Chambers

They believe it is a good thing to have allies across the globe. They believe in cooperation, not coercion. They believe that every American is entitled to health insurance, and social services for those who are vulnerable.  

They believe in equality for all, not some are more equal than others.

They believe in cooperation, not aggression and conflict. They believe all people are basically good-hearted, and they trust their neighbors.

While they honor the past, they look forward to change.  They are optimistic about the future, and see most change as progress.  

They know it’s not a perfect system, but they also know that they would rather live in a place where there is a constitution that declares that all are created equal under the law.

They believe in inclusiveness, not exclusiveness.

Most Americans believe in religious freedom but do not want to live under a theocracy. They do not want religion to be used as a club to beat other people over the head or to take away their basic human rights. Religion is not to be used to discriminate against anyone for any reason.

They also believe strongly in compassion and heart. They believe in second chances.

America has a long history of success and failures. Mistakes have been made. Other groups have been run over roughshod in order to control those groups and to take from them.  Aggression is something that Americans have a history of as a nation.

This country has gone through its iterations, culturally, politically and economically. Leaders have risen and fallen. As imperfect as this nation is, it will not allow anyone, including political leaders, to put their own interests ahead of the people they work for. At the end of the day,  the vast majority of Americans recognize that political officials including the president himself are their employees.

And they will make no qualms about acting upon that knowledge, and showing up to create change. And to continue upholding the Constitution.


We know that true freedom is an inside job.  Not everyone is ready for their freedom, even in the 3D world.  That includes some people, groups, countries and nations.  And some are still projecting their fears onto others, whether it is toward an individual, a group, or a nation.

Some countries and nations want to disrupt and destroy the democracies in the world in order to become more powerful.  But their game won’t work against countries who are adamant about maintaining their own freedom and sovereignty.

Ultimately, the majority will speak out, and will not stand for anything but the freedom they fought so hard for.

Many people take for granted their many freedoms, but on an inner level, their consciousness has asked for it.

Those of us who have chosen the accelerated path of embodied enlightenment have moved out of the 3D world such that it is.

No matter where we live on the globe at this time, as the leading edge new consciousness pioneers, we are there with purpose.  To shine our light.  Some places need more light than others.

And we know that even those in the 3D world, who feel they live in a free country will one day open the door to true freedom.  Freedom of self.

Enjoy Tell Me Everything Is Alright from Soulful Sounds

soulful sounds cd cover


As is customary, I like to take August off from my blog in order to chill and maybe take some day trips.  soulsoothinsounds will be up and running, but from August 1 to August  31, I will not be posting articles, commenting on posts, or responding to emails. During August, I invite my dear friends here in the community to enjoy the posts, the music, the videos, and each other.  Enjoy your August, and see you in September.  Maria

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133 thoughts on “The Great Experiment

  1. Ian

    When ever I read your posts, Maria my mind and spirit just starts spinning and sparking…in a good way. You get me to thinking and feeling about things.

    All you say is true. I’ve had journeys through several different religions (Christian, Wiccan, Buddhist and New Age of all kinds). I’ve switch political parties and votes (Democrat, independent, “Green” and Republican). From the inside of these I’ve tried out, I hear words that echo back and forth; same words but different perspectives and intentions; different alignment to entrenched “Ideals”…on and on. How do we reconcile it all?

    I thought of a million things to say, but instead its easier to simply agree to simple truth as your laid it out; I agree not with attrition in my heart but with the same drawn conclusions that keep repeating and coming up the same…just as you’ve spoken it.

    So, for us it seems, the outcome is the same for: Keep developing and shining our own light; not hiding it under a bushel, but letting it shine and get brighter as these same old lessons keep reasserting the same Truths that we sin against (Miss the mark about).

    We WILL get there. Thanks for your hopeful and inspiring message.

    1. Yes Maria, thank you for the beautiful message.

      Yes Ian, that is something I always need to remember; I need to keep shining my light, no matter what. No matter who reacts to it or is uncomfortable with it.

  2. Ian


    You are so right about “No matter who reacts to it [and how] or is uncomfortable with it [and what consequences they stir up for all concerned to go through].”

    Just lately, I started feeling…what? Pitty(?) Sympathy(?) for people who react negatively and harshly…suprised, judgmental…(on and on) to what I have to say…what I do. And this sympathy just triggers this…”Care giving” thing where I wanna kiss booboos and make it all nom-noms and better to swallow.

    It’s still hard to pull back…say. “Uh uh. No! This is how it is. This is me and what I think and do (and that’s that). What’s your consequence?! Bring it on!! I’ll go through it (like I have a choice), but it won’t change anything.”

    And so it is. It hurts like a Mother (blanketety blank blank) either way (do or don’t fall into the trap).

    But…where is my allegiance in my heart, mind…what does my body tell me (restricted, defensive…or resolved and reconciled and stable)? “Go through the fire,” it says…”Cause the frying pan is HOT! (SIZZLE SIZZLE!”

    I believe our light leads us to our strength weather in action or recovery (acting strongly or gaining strength in our reverie and process while stepping back for a breath or two). Discerning is important…and contributes to the challenge of it all, but discernment is a much needed tool in this process…another super power to ad to our tools for getting through what Maria really hit home about.

    You are amazing, Sherry…absolutely, and look at that light (shading my eyes)!!! Incredible!! Love it.

    1. I understand what you’re saying Ian! Because I know the difference between feeling negative energy and now feeling bliss and freedom (by knowing I create my own reality) I feel sorry for those who insist on staying in the old pain. I know how that feels and DAM is it painful. But they have no clue whatsoever that there’s another way; they’re unconscious. For me, as I’ve said before, I need to stay behind my own eyes. I too can be an emotional caretaker.

      Oh yes Ian, hurts like a mother fucker. There I said it for you! :o)

      Aw Ian, thank you. I have to remind myself of my bright blinding light (and not feel conceited in saying this, as I’ve been taught) and how immensely uncomfortable it is for others, as it illuminates their pain, which is so so fucking painful for them that they feel the need to tamp me down.

      Not happening anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Elila

    Ahhhh is it August again already??? LoL. As usual sweet Maria, have a beautiful, relaxing, rejuvenating and revitalizing summer vacation, and we will all be waiting here holding this special space and looking forward to all your delightful and illuminating new insights when you return. So much love and appreciation to you my dear, dear friend!!! 🌴🌞🌺🐚💕😊💕🐚🌺🌞🌴

    1. Yep, Elila, another year gone by…and I have a suspicion the month will go by pretty quickly, and I will be back before you know it! Thank you my dear friend for you love and best wishes. 🤗💕💕💕💕💕💕

  4. Barbara

    As you’ve described so well in this article, Maria, there is indeed a great deal of good heartedness ‘out there’ and I’m sending high vibes that you have a wonderful time and maybe bring us back some “been there done that’s” from 5D. Love, B.

  5. Ian

    I was also thinking about Maria’s title “The Great Experiment.” It is. Funny how the founding fathers where these people of great exalted thinking but rife with base level bias and “Human” conflict. like (back then) they had to compromise about African Slaves being only 3/5ths human so they didn’t have to be considered in the constitution’s freedoms. Shit like that. But the Experiment and the ideals…perfectly exalted and high end with checks and balances; even the spirit of the right to bare arms was intended to be inhibitory, in part, of governmental Ternary. The Government was not supposed to “Rule” the people…and we had a right to protect ourselves and fight against that…and also defend our nation from threat near and far.

    Reasonable gun laws: Yes. No Guns? No! Why should criminals get to have all the guns (cause you know the’ll always have them….or get ’em). Ever see those Youtube videos where some guy is coming into a store with a gun…holds up the cashier and some little old lady comes running out and firing her pistol? ROFL. Hilarious!! I am no a proponent of violence or killing (I’m not). But I’m ok with people protecting themselves…living to survive another day; not being a martyr to those that would rob, rape or kill for the contents of my pocket or home.

    But every side has it’s reason, and we’re evolving this experiment that gets mixed results just like every governmental model has. All have pitfalls.

    Ever see that Movie “Precious?” It very well speaks to the socialistic aspect of our nation (We have a fairly strong social service in our education, postal, well fair, police, fire and correctional elements…health care…sorta (eh…Obama care really flopped for those caught in the middle because all it did was force purchase of medical insurance without stringent regulations on insurance companies who are BASTARDS!!). Half baked idea because of bipartisan politicking. GRRRR. “Do…Or do not (Yoda: The Empire Strikes Back).

    ANYWAY…The movie depicts the true spirit of a social system: To help foster and give opportunity. And it also shows the basest depiction of those that are abusive…abusive to people and to social systems. Socialism is a great “Idea”…yet placed before the human condition unprepared to be responsible with I, MAN! trouble, anger…resentment. Communism seeks to correct that aspect, but then…no freedom is the cost (or very very much less freedom).

    Like I said….really really super good article Maria…it hits so much to really think about and consider. Gads! I’m still trying to reconcile it…(Mind be still).

    LOL. Thanks

  6. Ian, good points, and here in Florida, what with the heat and humidity, I am especially pleased I have the right to bare arms. In fact, I go sleeveless most days.

    But seriously, some good points. As we move out of the 3 D consciousness, we no longer feel the need to protect ourselves to the extent we used to. And that’s because we are creating a safe space. Our radiance does that for us. And we are divinely guided from real danger, that inner guidance system, using our sensitivities.

    But I agree for those deep into the matrix, they do what they must do.

    BTW, I ran across a short video yesterday about the 3/5th thing you mention, and they explain it was actually an anti-slavery decision.

    1. mom2bzs

      I love your thoughts Maria about not feeling the need to protect ourselves. Yes to the safe space. To me that feels like stepping into our light; our power.

  7. Ian

    OMG! ROFL😤. I fell for it too. I am super glad you clarified that for me. That was super clear! That was a really tricky compromise, and I really had no idea it meant that. Sorry every one!


    1. No worries, Ian, to be honest, I never heard of the 3/5th compromise thing. I just happened to see the above video because it was placed into another video as an ad, I think. And then when you mentioned it in your comment I remembered seeing it.

      But admittedly, it is weird that you did mention it about the time I was also learning about it. No coincidence there. The Universe works in mysterious ways. We both learned something new. 💕

      1. Ian

        I remembered the 3/5th thing from….somewhere, but obviously from a biased source that turned into something different. Considering how human beings have been known to treat each other in history and even today?? Sure…Yea…I believed it as I wrote about it yesterday.

        But I don’t particularly like being ignorant (shiver)…it’s embarrassing…yet so often in life I’ve been caught with my pants down and my foot in my mouth (super awkward position, but doing thus I guess I my particular brand of yoga…LOL…which is about learning balance, flexibility and Practice…and staying calm while I’m doing it…always a challenge for me).

        Synchronistic! I’ll tell you, Maria…sometimes when I’m writing…Shit just pops in my head and “Bam!!” It just gets on the screen. That 3/5th thing was such an occurrence. I had not thought of the concept in YEARS AND YEARS, and it just popped out. I hadn’t heard of it in recent rhetoric either, but oddly…one might think it WOULD come up?

        It makes me think that the founders might have been people to struggle in their conscience just like we do, but was pointed out in the video…it was a powerful struggle and debate. Imagine it! Our nation divided into distinct different countries and this 3/5ths concept is what kept it “Whole??!!” And it had nothing to do with how we considered our distinctions but rather a way of being proportionately fair. Man…Humans are weird, Maria…but…we get things done…somehow.

        In California we have it on the ballot (I think it’s still there…haven’t paid attention but heard they got enough signatures) to break the state up into three parts. This sorta thing has been going on for years. Back in the 80s, it was “Shall Northern and Southern California be two different states,” and in SF, “Shall San Francisco be part of Northern California?” For what? Being liberal and conservative (as the voters are polarized along these distinctions)?

        Anyway…(The wheels on the bus go round and round). Thanks Maria…AWESOME video…AWSOME perspective…AWSOME spirit!

        PS…you DO have a great voice and musical talent. And art, eye…and Light!

        1. Me too, Ian, I don’t like it when I get the facts wrong, especially when I’m trying to make a case about something. But admittedly there’s so much info out there it would be impossible to keep up with it all. Sometimes I take a deep breath and back away from it all.

          Wow, California has gone through its iterations and continues to do so, eh?

          Interesting state. Literally and figuratively.

          And Thanks, glad you enjoyed the song, and the art….💕

          1. Ian

            Let’s all just keep breathing…in and out…

            …and for you? Ah man! Keep those vocal cords a’vibing…and those fingers strumming! Mind…making music…voice singing…with messages that lighten the heart! It’s an AWSOME GIFT, Maria! And your art? It’s literally STUNNING!

          2. Thanks, Ian…the vocal cords ain’t what they used to be, unfortunately. Which is why I’m glad I memorialized my songs into albums. But fortunately, I can keep creating the art with my nifty Apple software, and my imagination. I retired the paints and clay and canvas a while ago in lieu of a medium (my iPad) I can carry with me to Starbucks. 🤗☕️

  8. kat

    Maria is that you singing ? I put the song on you posted at the end of the article. It’s SO FREAKING AMAZING! The melody, the instrumental arrangement and your voice. I LOVE IT

  9. Oh, thank you SO MUCH Kat…your words are ‘music to my ears.’ Lol. Yes, that’s all me, voice, guitar, and background instrumental. It’s an original song from my album, SOULFUL SOUNDS.💕

    1. Barbara

      Ditto Kat re “Tell Me Everything is Alright”! Super Song. Thank you, Maria, and if it helps… ; ) …. “Everything is alright.” Love, B.

        1. Barbara

          Absolutely lovin’ your headers… can’t decide which one I like the best, therefore I decide to identify with them all. Love, B.

          1. Oh, thanks Barbara! They were so much fun to create.. much exotic scenery, so little time…lol..felt like I was on vacation without leaving home…you can click on the images on the sidebar titled, MARIA ‘S ART GALLERY to view them all.

  10. kat

    On another note: there is something that happened a few days ago that I wanna share here. It doesn’t really fit the topic of the article that much but still, it might resonate with some of you.

    I was thinking about my career, having a bit of anxiety and doubts, as you do, lol. I then walk back into my room and I see the TV turned on. It went on on its own as neither me nor my boyfriend had switched it on. I then thought that there must be a message for me somewhere. And then suddenly a song came on in the movie ; the chorus said “have a little faith in me”. hahaha I think spirit couldn’t have been more obvious if it hit me with a brick :D
    I am so sure that is spirit telling me to stop worrying so much which is exactly what I did before the TV went on

        1. kat

          Maria yes! that’s the song. I looked the lyrics up straight away after that. but all I needed to hear was the chorus anyway. So funny how spirit (or my multidimensional self) chose to let me know that there is nothing to worry about. Also, if I was alone at home and the TV just went on on its own, I don’t know whether I’d have stayed that calm. So good that it was broad daylight and my boyfriend was there :P.
          But yeah, there was nothing scary about it for me in that moment funnily enough. Not I just need to apply what I was told 😛

          1. Elila

            Kat this is such a fantastic story, and I think we ALL could benefit from heeding the message you got! What’s funny is that it was so much more effective and clear the way it happened than having even a dear friend or your boyfriend say to you “Hun you just need to stop worrying so much!”
            Love to you!

  11. kat

    @Elila: exactly! It doesn’t really have much of an effect when a human says it. Especially for someone as stubborn as me 😛
    Another thing that I’ve realised really helps me to unwind and get out of my head is exercise. I feel like a new woman after 15 – 20 min of muscle training and it can be done at home. A nice side effect is that my body is more toned now but I’m doing it now first and foremost for the good feelings (although toning was the initial motivation for it).

    @Sherry: You are welcome Sherry. And yeah I love these types of things 🙂

    1. Oh yes, exercise has been a gift for me for a long time. It helps me dissipate the mental mastrubation and stay centered while integrating these massive energies.

      1. kat

        “mental masturbation”

        hahahaha I fucking love that. Alternatively we can call it mental rape or mental harassment., because that’s certainly how worrying feels like

        1. Elila

          Lol me too Kat on the stubborness–if a human says that to me I almost feel a little condescended to or eye-roll-y. But if the TV turns ITSELF on AND I have a witness there to verify it for me, well I’m more likely to pay atrention!! Haha.
          And YES! Mental harassment–that’s totally what all the worry feels like to me. And bullying!
          And another big yes for exercise. For the first time in my life it has nothing to do with how my body looks (it’s not doing a damn bit of good in that respect anyhow right now). People I see when I’m out walking always are commenting on how far and how much I walk every day and I tell them it’s cheaper than Prozac. Back in the 60’s it was commonly believed that in order to alleviate carbon buildup in a cars engine and to prevent poor performance an auto had to be regularly started and run hard for a bit. So now whenever I’m heading out for a walk I say to myself “time to go blow the carbon out!” (A common expression back then–at least in my car-centric Detroit upbringing lol).
          Another thing I do is some simple yoga at home–just a few minutes of paying attention to my breathing instead of my bully brain can make a difference.

          1. kat

            “–if a human says that to me I almost feel a little condescended to or eye-roll-y.”

            YES! haha, I’d probably be thinking to myself “oh shut the fuck up”

            “And bullying!”

            YES! We are bullying ourselves with it aren’t we? Plus, ok if it’s maybe one worrying thought. It’s not bad to think and plan ahead from time to time, but why so fucking often? I heard you the first time, brain, you don’t have to repeat yourself 467.987 times.
            I think the problem is not the thoughts, it the accompanying feelings. Thoughts will come and go, the trick is to not attach emotions to them, but easier said than done. But exercise definitely helps to relieve some of the inner pressure. Fucking LOVE the dopamine afterwards 😀

            “an auto had to be regularly started and run hard for a bit. So now whenever I’m heading out for a walk I say to myself “time to go blow the carbon out!” ”

            That’s what my father always said as well (about the car). That is has to be started and driven around once in a while. And what makes sense for a car does make sense for us I am sure.
            “Another thing I do is some simple yoga at home–just a few minutes of paying attention to my breathing instead of my bully brain can make a difference.”

            Focussing on my breath used to give me anxiety, especially in the more dense and dark days of Ascension, so I never really came round to it. But I was thinking about starting a bit of Yoga. I heard good things. Thought about meditation, too but that’s just too boring for me. I m not the type for it

          2. Elila

            Hahaha I almost peed myself when I burst out laughing at you thinking “oh shut the fuck up”—-cuz yes that is exactly what I’d be thinking! What’s doubly ironic and hilarious is that I am now surrounded by people who are concerned and annoyed that, in their perception, I am not worrying or bullying myself ENOUGH! And that makes me think ” oh shut the fuck up” too lol.
            And yes on the feelings that come along with the relentless pestering from the mind. That exponentially expanding anxiety that comes with repetitious heckling…ugh. You are right though the exercise helps, and the dopamine not only helps me feel better but look better too–i always look a little younger and more healthy after a good walk.
            After I posted my comment I chuckled to myself that perhaps I should have clarified the bit I said about yoga. I SHOULD have said that paying attention to my breathing WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY TRYING TO NOT FALL OVER OR INJURE MYSELF was closer to what was helpful/distracting haha. It takes great concentration for me so the worry stuff gets squeezed out. It doesn’t even have to be yoga. If i just get down on the floor and try to stretch a few of my endlessly too tight muscles it works too. Cuz yeah meditation or simply focusing on breath just increases anxiety for me too. (And it’s boring ha). I’ve never really been able to grok meditation. Just not for me.
            Another thing that’s been helping to relax me and temper the inner harassment is watching vids on YouTube that are distant reiki sessions. I find them very soothing for some reason. That and old Nigella shows lol.

          3. Elila

            PS forgot to mention that the exercise has a direct effect on sleep and sleep quality. If I don’t walk every day I don’t sleep as well or I have difficulty getting to sleep at all, and if I get even a teeny bit behind on sleep it really messes me up. Good sleep helps me more than any other factor! Yesterday I got rained out and didn’t walk, and then had total crap minimal sleep last night. And a few minutes ago I looked up from all my typing and it’s about to storm again just as I was getting ready to head out! Grrrrr. Lol

          4. mom2bzs

            Yes, Elila that’s why I exercise and have for years. Much better than anti-depressants. People always talk about wanting to be thin, blah, blah, blah; I do it for my sanity. When I tell them that, they don’t get it.

          5. Elila

            Lol sherry I say the same thing–that I do it to preserve the tiny bit of sanity I have left!!! 😝😝😝

  12. Ian

    I’m gonna go to the gym today ( been procrastinating for a week now). I’ve been anxious and worrisome (chronically worrying…and it effects people who can see or sense it…double whammy worrying about that, too).

    I’m gonna get my inspired tunes pumping through my sound isolating earphones…gonna tune out the world and take y’alls advice…find my inspiration in lyrics, review messages of spirit…ware out my anxiety…breath…sweat…get stronger…and engage the Great experiment!

    Thanks enlightened Sis’tahs from other Mis’tahs (or in spirit).

  13. kat

    ” I am now surrounded by people who are concerned and annoyed that, in their perception, I am not worrying or bullying myself ENOUGH”

    That’s what my mother used to say to me, because that was her perception of me when I was younger. That I don’t give a shit. Fucking hated it when she said that.

    “Another thing that’s been helping to relax me and temper the inner harassment is watching vids on YouTube that are distant reiki sessions. I find them very soothing for some reason. That and old Nigella shows lol.”

    Oh I will try the reiki sessions on yt out. Sounds interesting.
    And I love watching cooking channels now and then. And Nigelly is an absolute Goddess. WIsh she was my personal chef.

    And yes to the sleep thing, too. I always sleep better on those days when I exercise.

      1. kat

        Ah Sherry you are a Reiki master? How cool! Would you agree that exercise can release healing enery in us as well? Because that’s certainly how it feels to me. Or is it just the feel-good hormone Dopamine that I’m enjoying right now? 😀 (I’ve just finished exercising)

        And Ian, I think I might have ADD, too. It’s soo hard for me to concetrate (I know it’s just not that) and that topic (ADD) keeps popping up for me; like I see it everywhere and the symptoms eerily fit me, too. I don’t feel like going to the doctor though…
        What has helped you deal with it?

        1. mom2bzs

          Hi Kat,

          What I find for me is that exercise (for me the gym or yoga) helps me integrate energy or release stress; than when I meditate while doing reiki on myself, its much deeper.

  14. Ian

    Hi Sherry,

    I have a Reiki II attunement. I was thinking the same thing when I read about Kat’s experience with Youtube reiki: Same as distance healing.

    Reiki works best to people who: Are receptive to it and give permission for it.

    It’s like…when I go on youtube and look for inspirational things to hear and see (nothing particular or specific, but I know it when I see, hear and feel it). I then giver permission to be inspired by it…and so…then I am. It’s wonderful.

    Like when Maria (or any of us) create art (paintings/images, songs…music…words and the way we form them for particular expression of specific ideas in a unique way of expressing our experience)…that’s our energy. In this forum, I give permission for my intention to heal and be healed by the exchange of such eclectic forms of expression that is shared here.

    I come here for this purpose just as Kat goes to Youtube and benefits from viewing Reiki distance healing sessions…which is actually a really beautiful and artful thing when you see some of the practitioners form the symbols in the air…like a dance, and their intention is clear: I want to heal by healing.

    It’s all a good thing…and it’s all beautiful and lovely…just like you all are.

    1. Cool Ian. Too bad you live so far away! My friend who’s the retired hospice nurse is the one who taught me all my classes. How perfect to be a hospice nurse and reiki practitioner.

      I lead a reiki circle once a month at a spiritual center. Its really cool. Me and other reiki practitioners do reiki on all the people who come. The room fills with wonderful healing energy. Wish you could come!

  15. Ian

    PS…I’m not particularly good with Reiki BTW. I see that it works, but I got the ADD and my mind naturally is unfocused for long periods of time…it’s super hard for me to hold an intention for other people…and even myself. I also find the symbols daunting for the same reason: My ADD mind hates to feel confined and simply rebels.

    I best with spontaneity of mind and spirit (’cause I got the ADD).

    1. You know Ian, years ago when I became a Mater, I used to do it verbatim; all the symbols, blah, blah, blah.

      Now I trust I can bring through the energy anytime I want without all the hoopla.

      1. Ian


        You know Sherry (conspiring)…

        I got Reiki Attunement from a Hospice volunteer who was a practicing Reiki Master. She offered to attune any nursing staff in Reiki because our hospice (at the time) had an alternative modality program that actually allowed for alternative therapies consideration in the nursing process. We even went as far as to receive doctor’s orders for Reiki (accutonics, acupressure, myofacial release…what ever a particular nurse happened to ALSO have an accredited and supplemental practice in)…and it would be dutifully added to the nursing plan of care (a very essential part of the official nursing practice) when we observed ANXIETY at end of life. Hospice isn’t about “Curing” illness. It IS very much about managing the suffering that accompanies dying, and anxiety is definitely one of the symptoms we were attempting to manage through our alternative therapies program.

        I participated with reiki I. Later I got my reiki II (from the same master). And I did see a lot of positive concrete benefit. In fact, a very few actually got well enough to graduate from hospice by living and thriving which can happen when people are well cared about and for (I saw this happen of the master reiki volunteered with a pt with heart disease).

        Almost all benefitted simply by a reduction of stress,…anxiety…and then died more peacefully because they were calmer; supported and given additional attention and consideration above and beyond the purely clinical. Outcomes were documented as the expectation of the profession requires because it was in the Plan of care…and we actually had an official doctor’s order for this (It was all quite official being that nursing, in the “Spirit” of nursing, is quite a holistic practice…if one engages the “Spirit” of nursing).

        Anyway…my own experience with Reiki was fairly daunting in the clinical realm. Like I said…the symbols and intentions were difficult for me to get a handle on, visualize and then maintain an intention. I could do that for about…a minute. I’d get so frustrated that I would simply revert to a template I was more fluent with: Prayerfulness.

        I’d begin with the Reiki Hoopla…and then…just let my mind slip into prayerfulness. That I could maintain (I”ve done a lot of praying in my life).

        Oddly, the results were always good. These people that chose to allow reiki (which was rare…most people were NOT that receptive to alternative therapy)…they usually had very peaceful deaths…less traumatic for the family, too (who were often the ones to choose an alternative for their loved one when the loved one was too out of it with anxiety, confusion…disorientation and suffering to choose for themselves).

        Weather “Reiki” or any other “Hoopla” is engaged with an “Intention” to heal (a peaceful death falls into this category if the alternative is a death rife with torment, guilt…shame…stress, anxiety…I wonder if any modality is just a formalized template for compassion…love…empathy…communion…which all (and more then these) may hold us in the animation of what’s most needed…and allow that to be a healing?

        Miracles…I’ve seen quite a few in my day. The exceptions are the most memorable (and rare). It’s one of the reason why, in doing what I do for a living, I find it very important not to destroy faith and hope in people (though some find my efforts…annoying…officious…and lately, neurotic (I’m crying on the inside about this).

        So…I pray a lot…still. And I still find Reiki very daunting…’cause I still got the ADD. LOL…

        AND…I’ve seen what a reiki master can do (which is AMAZING). IT IS AWESOME (LITERALLY)…Healing…and people who intend to heal…have it in them to journey with other’s through dis-ease…suffering and always giving the best of themselves for that end! I love you for That, Sherry! Thanks so much for all you do, have done…will do as a healer.

  16. mom2bzs

    Aw thanks Ian! When I do the reiki circle (tonight is this month’s) I can only do 3 people on average because It takes so much out of me. I know I’m doing much more than “reiki”.

    I’ve heard some amazing stories with reiki. Once a veteran with PTSD came. He said that in Texas the VA has all kinds of alternative therapies; acupuncture, reiki, etc. He said the only way he ever felt peace was when he received reiki. Pretty cool, huh?

    Also one woman came who said a group of them gave people reiki while they got chemo.

    1. Ian

      OH yeah! I read a book by a reiki master who worked specifically in oncology…and operating rooms! OUTCOMES WERE VASTLY IMPROVED!!!!

  17. Ian

    Might I also add (See? OFFICIOUS!!!)…you are ALL healers. I can see it…feel it with my empathy, for when I am here in this place with you all…MARIA, KAT, SHEERY ELILA…BARBARA…I am there is healing…in your words, wisdom…sharing, art…music…experiences…the richness and depth of the lives your are living. You all have an “Intention.” And you stand by it.

    1. Kat

      “Might I also add (See? OFFICIOUS!!!)…you are ALL healers. I can see it…feel it with my empathy, for when I am here in this place with you all…MARIA, KAT, SHEERY ELILA…BARBARA…”

      I so agree. This whole space and the commenters are healing/healers. I come here to get inspired, relax and communicate with like minded people that I don’t really have in real life. I never minded being the odd one out but it is nice to have found a space where people understand.

  18. Ian

    Oh…JUST TO BE CLEAR and congruent…this all, too…is part of “The Great Experiment.” (See? I’m a neurotic…just like people say. So it is. Amen).

  19. Elila

    Well I’ll be a blue-nosed gopher y’all! This space and the brilliant souls in it (yes Ian, healers all!) never ceases to amaze and delight me! I honestly thought mentioning the reiki sessions I’ve come to enjoy so much might sound a little woo woo but I thought ah well if even one person gets curious about it and finds some of the relief I have then what the hell, put it out there. And then I find out sherry is a reiki master! That’s SO COOL! And Ian has attunement too. Wow. Just wow! So I’ll get a little braver and share that what drew me to them, the ones I watch specifically, was that she combines ASMR triggers with reiki. I fairly recently learned about what ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is, and was astonished to find that there is a definition for something I’ve experienced all my life and had no idea that it was a “thing”, & that all humans didn’t experience it as well! So when I learned of it I experimented with different channels on YouTube and identified my best triggers so that I could enjoy that deep relaxation and tingly response whenever I want. And that is how I ended up at the distance reiki ones that employ ASMR. I learned about reiki many years ago from a friend who was a reiki master, and have always been receptive to it and able to feel it. So it seemed the perfect combination. And now I have learned that for myself anyway, the use of certain crystals during the session greatly amplify it all for me (even though my personal triggers seem to be mostly visual and personal attention, girl gets out her selenite wand and I am on CLOUD NINE haha). I have also had instances where I have been able to do it for others, like had the healing touch, after learning more about it from my friend. But at this point like Ian said it’s difficult for me to hold that kind of intention or focus for another person right now, as I am having to be so very focused on my own well being and energy management. I also can find it difficult to simply be the conduit for the reiki and not have some of my own energy drained out as well.

    Kat–about what your mum used to say– isn’t it amazing how we have been completely misperceived our whole lives???? And Nigella IS a goddess. I could listen to her talk and watch her cook all day. That’s MY idea of meditation LOL. And I agree that exercise and reiki release healing energy. My stance at this point is if it feels good it must be doing some good, and I sure feel better after exercise and the bodily sensations with reiki\asmr definitely feel healing and soothing. And sleep is my absolute number one tool, and both exercise and reiki/ASMR support that.

    Sherry–what you say about exercise helping you to integrate energy and release stress–YES!!!! Especially during those intense energy blasts it really helps me to integrate and balance out all that crazy energy and to release (as in “walk it off”) the bits that don’t serve. I mentioned above my saying about blowing the carbon out, but it’s also a fitting metaphor for me as we are quite literally switching from a carbon based energy grid to a crystalline one so blowing out the old carbon has additional meaning for me LOL. The reiki and ASMR augment that by imparting deep relaxation after those releases. Sort of “out with the old, in with the new” kind of thing. Out with that old carbon, worrying, fear based, overlymasculine manic energy and in with a calmer more relaxed, positive, receptive, feminine, “cleaner” (in my mind anyway), more focused energy. I have said before that I believe the more relaxed I am, the more powerful I am in these new energies.

    And Ian, (handing your a feather with comedic flourish) “I’m here all week. Try the pie! And please don’t forget to tip your waiters……”

    Love and hugs to you all ❤💙❤

    1. mom2bzs

      Interesting Elila about ASMR. I had never heard of it. It almost sounds like the sensations of reiki. I use crystals when I meditate and do reiki on myself. I’m also psychic and a lot of times when the energy comes in, I get clairsentience, with other other “clairs” which sounds similar also.

      1. Elila

        Sherry I had never heard of it before either until I started seeing the acronym being bandied about on YouTube. And yes I think the sensation can be similar to reiki energy –I’m never 100% sure which I may be feeling, but with reiki there is often a “heat” I feel from the person or energy movement/release like yawning or tummy gurgles. The ASMR is a tingly feeling that begins at the zeal chakra or back of neck and spreads. It’s also something I feel spontaneously kind of like a barometer when I am particularly connected to myself, or I connect for a moment with another or an idea or story. I used to just mistake it for a goosebumps kind of thing. (Also to be clear ASMR is NOT sexual in any way.)

        Barbara–so funny I have to start stories the same way (see above: “back in the 60’s….” Lol). I so resonate with your “go direct” experience! That is the message that I’ve gotten for years and because of it I have lost interest in seeking any kind of healing outside of myself, and same as Ian not even wanting info or readings because they are not me and everything I need is inside of me. I firmly believe other people do NOT have my answers or hold my healing! No one knows more about me than me. Haven’t even had massage because I just can’t bear anyone up in my energy that way. I’d like to clarify and specify that the distant reiki sessions I watch are strictly for relaxation and ASMR triggering–not healing. My own intention with them is relaxation and the lady I like sets her own broader and less invasive intentions for “your highest and greatest good” and stipulates that her videos can definitely be used just for sleep or relaxation and that’s fine–it depends on your own intention. So I use it as a tool to relax myself and quiet my mind for sleep, not for “healing”–which I can do on my own. I’m not interested in being ” fixed” or diagnosed lol. Not saying any healers out there don’t know what they are doing or not effective–they certainly are. But for whatever reason my own higher self is also saying “go direct”, and that I don’t need any outside ” input ” or manipulation!

        1. kat

          “everything I need is inside of me. I firmly believe other people do NOT have my answers or hold my healing! No one knows more about me than me. ”

          Agree with you Elila. I used to get some readings in the past and some of them were really interesting, but I guess I was just looking for confirmation for what I already knew inside of me. Then there were other readings that didn’t resonate at all.
          Now I feel that getting a reading done would not give me any support, at least not more support than I can give myself. It would just be a waste of money. In fact I feel it would just be an attempt at deflecting from my path. I know I ‘just’ have to have faith in me and in the fact that everything is and will be good, so what else is there that a psychic could tell me?

          1. Elila

            Yes Kat I agree with you too–especially the part about looking for confirmation about what I already know, so why not just skip that step.
            I was thinking of you yesterday Kat! I was out for my walk and had to cross over Main St, where an art fair was being held, to continue on my route. I don’t like crowds and noise so I make this as quick as possible. As I approach I can hear a woman playing a guitar and singing. I pass right next to her (noting her lovely voice but eager to move on) and cross the street and leave all the people and ruckus behind me. Then I realize that what the young woman was singing is reverberating in my head. She was singing over and over “you don’t have to try so hard, you don’t have to try, you don’t have to try, you don’t have to try try try…….” and I immediately thought of your television turning on and playing “have a little faith”……
            Her words are still playing in my head today 😉
            (I have no idea if the song was a cover or an original, never heard it before and haven’t even tried to look for it cuz I feel like I got the message!)

  20. Barbara

    I’m delighted to be included in this most wonderful conversation, thank you! Because of my ‘age’ in linear terms, when I tell a story here, I have to say “years ago”, so here we go again. Years ago, I lived in a community where I was introduced to a lady who was a Reiki Master and I had never heard of Reiki. As we got to know each other, she helped me not only with some physical injuries that I sustained, but also she helped my feline friends when they got into trouble… very rural area where I was. Anyway, my friend, prior to her moving from the community, offered to teach me Reiki… and I… wait for it…. declined. Every time I considered having my friend teach me, my inner response was always… and I mean always even when I argued with that response… “Go direct!”… quite loudly sometimes, so I’d say, “Okay, okay, I’ve got it, I’ve got it, I’ll go direct even though I haven’t a clue where I’m going to or even what “Direct” means!” So I told my friend that I appreciated very much her offer to to teach me Reiki, but that I needed to “Go direct!”. And I’m still working on “Going direct!” I have no idea why I was steered away from learning Reiki, but I accepted that I had been for a reason that was beyond my ken at the time. But I have to say that, yes, Reiki, can work wonders and sometimes I regret just a wee bit that I didn’t take that offer. Love, B.

    1. Ian

      Barbara!!! I totally get it (Maybe)!! I had a similar thing happen to me with regard to psychics (I dare you to judge…forked fingers…my eyes to your eyes). ROFLMAO!!

      I and a DEAR DEAR friend (soul mate, sister/mother spirit) LOVED going to psychic fairs…getting our cards read, astrology…iridology WHAT EVER! It was fascinating to us!! I even took up tarot cards (for myself…never for another). Anyway…

      …It was about that time I was working in the prison (Barbara…this was a critical point in my life…it was the the part of my wake up that had to go beyond gentle shaking and still small voices gently whispering…it was like “STOP FUCKING OFF AND WAKE THE FUCK UP!” spirit really sticking it to me (“Cause I was askin’ for it…”). There was this time I wanted to go to a psychic (I was cast adrift…left my community, my friends…my environment…”Where I grew up” in terms of my development as an adult)…and this voice BOOMED in my head…”You don’t need a psychic!! What ever a psychic has to give you won’t be clear enough because it’s not YOU! It’s coming through THEM…and that’s not you. YOU are the master of your own ship. HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF!”

      It wasn’t a reprimand; wasn’t an admonishment. It was simply something telling me…I was ready to take responsibility for that which I’d used psychics to fill; it was about having faith in my own ability to discern for myself…what is best for myself….spiritually, energetically…psychically…even physically.

      And it DID NOT invalidate the years before this happened, for all those years I felt the need to seek mystical knowledge outside of myself.

      We are all healers…and not every body needs a healer…and not every one needs to “Claim” they need healing outside of themselves.

      And…there are many many people in need of healers…and all kinds of healers to meet specific needs. People who heal by going to a healer…when they are healed…a healer isn’t needed anymore. Not every one that needs healing is keyed/resonate with every healer. There are some healers I get a really bad vibe about…yet…they have healed others. I know they can’t heal me (for I am repulsed by them), but…there are many other people they can help. And they do.

      People know! People really do know what they need…or don’t need. It’s ok. That’s my point.

  21. Ian

    (clapping….exuberant…graciously accepting)…THANK YOU ALL!

    Maria mentioned something about knowing “Inner freedom” in her article. SHAZAM! (With a flourishing hand gesture to y’all)…I present….


  22. Ian

    Y’all are great in your powers! I love it when people openly share their ideas and journeys. In them, we see we are the same in so many ways…even in our different modalities…our intentions are quite exalted…in our freedom…in our struggle for freedom.

    This is an expemlary site…so are the participants and the author…quite exemplary!

  23. kat

    Oh wow Elila, that is beautiful. And those lyrics of that song you heard also hit home with me sooo much! I am trying too hard at the moment. I keep trying to find a mental solution to my problem and we both know how that’s gonna work out – not at all. Together with the song I got as a message it could be THE soundtrack for this ascension process:

    “Have a little faith in me….you don’t have to try so hard”

    What more do we need actually? And why don’t faith and relaxation appear straight after we get these messages though? That bit annoys me..

    Hugs my friend and thank you so much for your story

    1. Elila

      This is so great because the message you received i felt like was for me too! So yes when you put them together they make a perfect soundtrack for us. I am also trying too hard at the moment trying to find a mental solution to what I’m facing too so holy crap I FEELyou sister. And yes it never works! When I think of the truly great solutions that have presented for me in this lifetime, I don’t think any of them were anything close to what I was coming up with in my fearful little mind! So why can’t I just relax into faith and let spirit handle it all and wait happily to see what loveliness unfolds???? It’s not like I don’t have any proof that this works and yet it’s still so difficult to truly let go and let spirit drive (which makes me an obnoxious back seat driver–ugh!). Little control freak ego wants me worrying and struggling……but if I go that route all I get is MORE worrying and struggle……sigh. I think part of it is us wanting to be or appear proactive–thats been preached to us so heavily. But maybe we need to reframe in our own minds that relaxing and trusting IS the MOST proactive thing we could possibly do (and that all our mental struggling only slows us down). As in getting out of our own fucking way haha. I imagine it can’t be easy for you either and Ive thought about you and hoped it’s not too crazy making to have gone from that period of being so busy on a project with a deadline, and then the space it leaves when it’s complete (a space that will hopefully create a vacuum and suck in an even more exciting/profitable project!) We need to keep reminding ourselves to relaxxxxxx………….

      Hugs back to you my friend 💙

      1. kat

        ” I don’t think any of them were anything close to what I was coming up with in my fearful little mind! So why can’t I just relax into faith and let spirit handle it all”

        This! Yeah, why is that so hard? We’ve had enough proof throughout our lives that this trusting spirit thing actually works.

        ” and let spirit drive (which makes me an obnoxious back seat driver–ugh!). ”

        hahaha that made me laugh. I was actually picturing a car with a translucent, shiny being behind the steering wheel (spirit) and then a human Elila in the back seat, non stop uttering worrying and negative thoughts. Spirit looks unfazed by this though.

        “I think part of it is us wanting to be or appear proactive–thats been preached to us so heavily.”

        I think that’s it. And that is why I do get the occasional guilty feeling when I really decide to relax. Worrying gives us the illusion of being productive, of doing something but we are in fact just wasting energy and making ourselves feel miserable. But you know what Elila, this worrying/struggling theme has been so much in my face lately and so extreme that I feel like a dam is breaking. I feel like I’m coming out of this cycle. I don’t know how exactly that will happen (because consciously dropping limiting beliefs didn’t make me stop worrying), but I feel that something is up at the moment. It gets crazier before it disappears, right? At least that’s the feeling I’m getting.

        ” I imagine it can’t be easy for you either and Ive thought about you and hoped it’s not too crazy making to have gone from that period of being so busy on a project with a deadline, and then the space it leaves when it’s complete”

        It’s not (just) that, it’s more that I don’t have an ongoing income and I can only last on the money I got for the script for so long. And I will not go back to the job centre. This will not happen, because I refuse to. So I’m trying to figure out how to get some more income in, at least through a side job, but I’ve been unsuccessful so far (I’ve applied for some). And this does make me fearful, not gonna lie.

        But as I said, I feel something is changing. Hopefully I am right.

        Love to you Elila

  24. Barbara

    Hi Kat and Elila. Thank you for your conversation, I appreciate it so much, as I’m going through much the same. So last night, unable to sleep, feeling like crap with various symptoms… the almost-constant electrical synapses have been shocking to say the least (!)… I’m trying to figure out what the heck is going on for me personally and suddenly it occurred to me, not in a panicky way, but in a ‘this is what’s going on’ kind of way… good grief I’m having an “Identity Crisis”! I thought of Maria’s post, “Who Are You?” and I have to say that I don’t know anymore. I did know when I was in 3D and doing my thing and I remember how fairly uncomplicated and smooth it was “to do what I love”, but it’s becoming more and more obvious that I haven’t a clue who I am as a forerunner in this process (other than the fact that I’m that aforementioned forerunner!). I mean, as far as I know I have nothing left to let go of… so it’s probably because just as you’ve discussed, it’s because I don’t know how to trust spirit in these higher vibes. I mean, spirit has never, to my knowledge, steered me wrong and I’m sure she was with me when I was in 3D, but presently, because I don’t know who I am anymore, maybe spirit is taking a backseat and saying something like, “Well, you’re the creator of your own life. Let’s see what you can do now.” And ‘doing’ is not something I know how to do! Hope some of that made sense and so very good to be able to come to Maria’s and chat. So now I’ll go back to the throes of an “Identity Crisis”! Good grief and WTF. Love, B.

    1. kat

      ““Well, you’re the creator of your own life. Let’s see what you can do now.” And ‘doing’ is not something I know how to do”

      Especially when you don’t know what to do, isn’t it?

  25. Wow Barbara, I REALLY identify with what you’re saying! The energy I feel is SO high, I don’t know what to do with it sometimes! Sometimes it feels SO intense, I ask for it to flow with ease and grace. I’m trying to just “Be”. My mind wants to “do” and figure it out and analyze it to death. I have SUCH moments of pure bliss, than I cry and feel I’m releasing. This merry go round is VERY intense!

  26. Ian

    Please…I’m gonna chime in. I don’t have a solution really. Everything you guys are talking about (not the means…but the end results in the anxiety, worry, angst. OH MAN! I feel a measure of it zip right on up onto my mind, and I feel it with you, for you…

    I will observe in my chime in, something I can identify with and have seen so often in my work, in my self…my partner, family…friends when it comes up. Here it is: Survival. ANYTHING the mind identifies as a threat to survival will trigger the mind into high speed ADD squirrel hyper drive; cage wheel will not only spin fast and wobble as if it will come unhinged, but it will spark, smoke…emanate an ethereal aura of doom; the smell of ozone will frizz your hair! And those poor ol’ squirrels up there? Call PETA! It’s inhumane.

    That’s my imagination of what’s happening. UHG!

    BUT THINK SURVIVAL! Do we need money to survive? OH GOD YES!

    LIKE I SAID, I have no solutions. There are just too many things to consider with regard to survival triggars. In mine, I can see very clearly that my mind is frantic to find the solution…keep me on my survival path (and here then is the mind’s true purpose…that’s all that ego does AND KNOW….SURVIVAL! LIVE! STAY SAFE.

    That’s all I can contribute. And I hope it gives a perspective that…helps a little.

    1. kat

      reading your comment made me think of sth I read years ago: the ego (mind) will panic if it feels threatened. Not only by real danger to the human body, but by all things that might pose a threat to the existence of the ego; for example higher vibrations, where our ego/mind is not needed (anymore). Maybe that is triggering our mind to going into overdrive? It feels that we are now out of 3D for real and it doesn’t know what to do anymore, so it takes it up a notch with its same old worrying, planning, imagining worst case scenarios.

      1. I agree Kat! I notice when I meditate, the first few minutes my mind goes haywire, thinking of all the things I should worry about. I feel like it feels like its loosing control.

        1. kat

          Sherry I completely understand. My mind has been going crazy with worrying for the past couple of days and I m sure it has sth to do with the current energies and us moving into an even higher vibrational state. It hasn’t been that freaked out for a long time so there must be sth. going on definitely.
          I’ll take it as a good sign

          1. Elila

            Me too Kat and sherry with the crazy worrying past few days and feeling something up with the energies. Kat I just re read your reply to me above and I had already posted below, but we were writing at the same time so I didn’t see this reply to sherry til now, but the more I think of all you said the more I agree that this is signaling the end of some cycle and an upgrade to a new level, so I’m gonna take it as a good sign too! This convo has helped to shift my perception–thank you SO much!

  27. Ian

    Hi Kat,

    This great experiment Maria Talked about – on a soul level, here in there is no thing to fear. We soul…Started that experiment. We are THAT powerful.

    My mind can extend itself far. I hate it because it is limited only by human perception. Indeed. I wonder if Ego is simply just that part of mind that is the limiting part that is so frustrating because the soul may ALSO access it if the mind is quiet enough. If so, the soul’s directive can come through.

    I really, from the heart, don’t believe mind and/or ego is a bad thing. As we are born…soul intention front and center, we go through our human development…and to survive, Ego is fostered. Some times it has to adapt to some pretty harsh things.

    In our society, we don’t worry about vicious animals trying to eat us or our young (vicious). We can look at lions in a zoo…sharks on TV; we can watch their behavior as they hunt and feed. While this is…ugly in our empathy for the prey…we still go to zoos and watch the nature channel (and Marvel at how terrible nature is even as we are in awe of how glorious creation is…(except if your the prey being chased and mangled…then not so beautiful. The prey will always run if it’s afraid; will fight with tooth and claw; hiss, spit…growel; take flight, hide, dig…what ever it has to do to survive. Even though the prey has its purpose. pollination, digging up soul…I mean soil… to move nutrient around to make room for plant growth; to eat and poop and then fertilize…to be food to others and the Earth

    Among humans in our society; we are not prey (Most of the time) to other animals. But we are prey to one another, for we are all in competition…the Animal part of us, it has a defense mechanism…Mind and ego for a reason amongst us together. And these will kick in. They are responsible for the survival of this vehicle that the soul needs to fulfill it’s purpose which is expanded beyond mere physical survival.

    Ironically, depending on the “Awareness” of the individual, that ego will defend soul’s directives just as much as it will defend for human physical survival. Oddly…even when our spiritual “Survival” is attacked, the Ego kicks in just as powerfully.

    It’s this part that I speak of when I said, “I have no solution.” I don’t. I am totally projecting because I consider myself pretty aware…”Awake” person…AND…all that I am awake to and aware of in spirit and my own directives to be a good person, and honest person, and ethical person…a compassionate person and a loving person, my Ego attempts to surround me with fire when these are all threatened; the best parts of me…what I consider the best parts of who I am….EGO HAS GOT THE BACK OF THAT AS WELL. It will defend it with tooth and nail.

    Perhaps this is because there is still so much that I am still NOT ware of that my ego still keeps fighting so hard for. I’m not yet aware of how to stop ego; this natural force in physical life that still has a job to do…until what threatens doesn’t exist…

    …or I become The Martyred Christ…who totally overrode ego (I don’t think he corquored it…I think he was just as terrified of being crucified as any person would be)…

    But I don’t think that was his message…to over ride the ego so you can let people just nail you. I think that man was just a really brave man…and did something with dual meaning. On one hand, yes…He martyred himself which speak more of courage in the face of something hideous…human nature in it’s basest form…in its animal form without soul awareness. Indeed…that was his second purpose; he was willing to martyr to show people exactly what human nature can do when ego is untamed; can Destroy another human…a good human…a kind and compassionate human. He did this despite other humans that simply would not engaging the soul and letting it lead them into better decisions that aren’t based totally in fear response (Ego drives a lot of that…WHAT TO DO WHAT TO DO WHAT TO DO.

    Those people in the Bible that went after Jesus: There egos were in defense of what they deemed there necessity for life: Power, influence, Tithings…prestiges and influence. What might people do when they have those as their survival awareness and Ego is in charge of THAT?

    WE…On this ascension path we are on; we are attempting to expand our awareness of more so that certain virtues are highlighted…yet, even when these are under threat…ego will defend them just as if they are the air we breath; and we’ll gasp…and struggle to breath them through our life…and fight for them.

    And it just is what it is. But that’s all that it is. Courage is one response. Do what we gotta do anyway…and it will hurt, and it will be scary. Keep doing it…keep struggling to survive what it is, we then gain skill…and less to worry about or be afraid of.

    I think that’s what this great Experiment is about…how far can we push ourselves into our creation…to attain the courage and skill to do more and do it better each time.

    Souls must be very courageous. “A person who can go through life without wound is either very very lucky…or a great lier.” This Life…IT HURTS! Amonst humans…our contrivances are deadly. If we don’t have the money we need, the mind sees starvation, homelessness…disease…death, humiliation. It’s gonna start screaming for more money to avoid these.

    Have courage. Have faith in yourself to survive. We’ve all come this far.

    Also…it helps to know you are loved and supported. Being human, we DO need each other. I think the reason I write so much to try to explain what helps me is that I have one of those kinds of minds that REALLY won’t stop…it won’t stop…it won’t stop…it won’t stop no matter what I do, it won’t stop…

    …and I care a great deal about you all…I do.


    1. kat

      ” I think the reason I write so much to try to explain what helps me is that I have one of those kinds of minds that REALLY won’t stop…it won’t stop…it won’t stop…it won’t stop no matter what I do, it won’t stop…”

      Me, too buddy, me, too.
      With mind/ego I meant the part of us that keeps worying/planning/thinking ahead in order to protect us from a negative outcome (negative in its opinion). Mind/ego has its place here in this life, but like Maria said in a previous article, it should take the back seat, while our soul should be in the driver’s seat of our life and I believe many of us are in this stage where we are balancing soul with mind/ego. The ego feels pushed away a bit and it rebels which leads to overthinking and worrying to show it is still there. That is my take on it at least.
      Have a great day Ian x

      1. I agree Kat. The ego is like a small child saying “What about me?!”

        What works for me is to acknowledge the ego, not unlinke a small child. Thank it for protecting me because I think that’s all its trying to do. Its working from the mind, the archive, saying “remember what happened last time?! We need to worry and figure it out and analyze it!”. If I sooth it, it relaxes.

        1. kat

          “What works for me is to acknowledge the ego, not unlinke a small child”

          Me, too. Sometimes the reason is an underlying emotion, that wants to be cleared (once again), so I do listen to the worries and the negative chatter the ego/mind is telling me. There is some value in it. Ignoring it doesn’t really help you are right. What also helps is going into obersver mode and staying detached from it emotionally, but that doesn’t always work. Exercising again helps with mind chatter like I already said in another comment.
          But yeah I m quite sure it’s the current energies, they are pulling some old shit out of our systems that have no place in the higher vibrations. That’s how I feel about it

  28. Ian

    Exalted Ego (vs. self serving base Ego) includes others in it’s process. People think I’m very neurotic. I am. If I didn’t care so much, I’d be silent…and still; quiet…one syllable response kind of person.

  29. Elila

    Hi family! It’s a rough day and not sure if I can string a sentence but here goes….
    Kat what you say about ego and it being stirred up so much right now in the higher energies definitely resonates for me–perhaps something is all riled up before disappearing? And it feels the threat. Something I read long ago specified that it’s not that we need to eliminate ego–we need our ego as humans–but it’s specifically the FEARFUL (reptilian) aspect of our ego that has gotten too blown up and causes us trouble. And yes it’s definitely survival issues that are plaguing me/us. It seems an unsolvable paradox (at least on human mind level)–I need to have enough money to live but I also can’t go back to 3d “working”. It seems I’ve been blocked from that in every way, especially days like today when I’m SO sore and tired and flattened no way could I even manage it. Not to mention all the sensitivities this process has imparted that make a ” normal” workaday life impossible. And there are days when I am well rested and connected that I don’t worry at all and have a deep knowing that everything is OK and will be alright and is being taken care of. But lately sleep has been super elusive and I’m in a bit of a tailspin trying to change up my whole routine and schedule to support sleep, as I am USELESS and fear/worry prone without it. What I don’t understand is that aside from sleep, there seems no rhyme or reason to how this is all happening–like some days I feel so sure everything will be OK and then all of a sudden I feel fearful again and it doesn’t seem to be prompted by anything. It’s like random waves of fear just come over me out of the blue and then worst case scenarios start spinning in my head and all I can do is wait for it to pass? I don’t know where it’s coming from and it seems to be getting more relentless and I wish I could just hang out in the more peaceful “all is well” vibe. When I’m there it’s easy to trust spirit and recall how its worked so well before and just go about my day. But these fear waves–like Ian said I have no solutions. Right now I’m just researching and adjusting as best I can to support sleep as it’s so clear to me that it’s absolutely essential and it’s something I can actually DO some things about to help shift it. But money? Shit. I just don’t know anything about that anymore! Spirit is gonna HAVE to figure it out and show me the way because there’s just no way my brain can solve the paradox. And yeah worry DOES seem to make me feel like I’m “doing” something. But I know that worrying is just shooting myself in the foot! Completely counterproductive and takes me out of the range where spirit could actually get through to me.

    So Kat, Barbara, Sherry and Ian–I can relate to all you are saying! And Kat I have a feeling you are right, that something is happening right now and that all this intensity is the precursor to some kind of release. Something must be stirring hard to get the gunk up and out! (And PS I chuckled at you describing your image of me in a car with unfazed spirit haha).
    Love back to you my dear Kat, and love too to Barbara Sherry and Ian and Maria on her hiatus… its so comforting to come here and be understood and hear your experiences and perspectives and have us all be able to relate and support one another. I can’t imagine where I’d be or how I’d manage without you all 💙💙💙💙💙💙

    1. kat

      Elila, all I will say is that everything you’ve said could have come from me. Money is my issue, too and while I was super relaxed about it 2 weeks ago, suddenly the worry kicked in (it might have been triggered by not being chosen as one of the winners during a film competition, although I m quite sure they didnt even read the stuff I sent them, but yeah nevermind). But apart from that, the energies are INSANE at the moment and I read that we are purging a lot until the upcoming new moon eclips on August 11th.
      So yeah, there is no way I will get money by slaving away at a “regular” job. It has to come from either some unknown source or my passion (script writing and filming) which doesn’t leave me with too many options so yeah spirit will have to figure this out on his/her own. If only I let him/her. hahaha , causeI still keep wondering and googling for job ads at time.
      And yeah with ego/mind I meant the part of us that is constantly worrying/imagining worst case scenarios etc.
      Hugs friend ❤

      1. Elila

        Oh Jezus H. Murphy not another #@&$#@ eclipse!!! I BARELY survived the last one……shitballs.
        But yeah a couple weeks ago I was fine but now same as you describe. The last little cash influx I got out of the blue was a year ago and will only last so long. Now that I think of it the last time the worry was this intense was probly the last damn eclipse? It’s like Barbara is saying with identity crisis–the ways I’ve always gotten money in the past are now closed to me and I don’t see a new open avenue so WTF who am I now in regards to this and how do I survive? And really mere survival isn’t what I really want either (altho would definitely be appreciated and a step in the right direction)–I want to THRIVE. Not saying I want a lot of fancy but I do want to be above baseline and enjoying my life otherwise why be here after all this nonsense we’ve undertaken????? Ah well. I just don’t know. I keep saying if the money would just come it feels like that would open the door for everything else to clear up like the body issues etc. Like it’s the one sticking point holding everything back in a way, or that’s what it feels like sometimes. Hugs back to you 💜

          1. Kat

            You know why I think they haven’t read it ? The deadline for submission was 29th of July and they said winners will be getting their notification by August 2nd. How on earth are they gonna read all submissions in about 2 days considering everyone could submit 3 different scripts? That’s not possible as I’m sure there were several hundreds of submissions and I just deeply feel that they didn’t read mine. Idiots.

        1. Kat

          You said it right : thriving is the key word here. I can catch myself being underwhelmed (putting it nicely) when my wishes come true but in a more toned down way. Like I did get this script commission but it only pays me so much that I can barely survive. I’m still grateful for the opportunity though. And the same as you : where will money come from now. I feel like even actively looking for ways to make money feels wrong, but doing nothing about it still feels kinda unsafe and irresponsible. It’s a tricky one, though I feel trusting spirit is the way to go (which would mean doing nothing at the moment )

          1. Elila

            Whaaaa????? Only three days for reading/selecting???? That doesn’t seem possible at all. Totally agree with your gut feeling.
            And oh man did you hit on a sore point for me too–the underwhelm!! I keep getting the “close but no cigar” effect myself! Like that cash influx/check I mentioned from a year ago–there was a moment when I rejoiced upon receiving it because I was SURE it was the monthly check id been wishing for for years and years, and Finally an avenue had opened!! But it was short lived when we found out it was a one time thing. I mean it was great to get a check that I didn’t know was coming and all…..but yeah the underwhelm of reality. Boo. And same here the whole actively looking or mentally struggling to figure it out or wrangle a solution feels counterproductive somehow, but the sitting and doing nothing….your words “umnsafe and irresponsible” are EXACTLY IT, spot on, for me too.Soooooo tricky YES!! But again I agree, letting it be and doing nothing, trusting spirit, feels like the thing to do, and also my best hope for a really good and more permanent solution as opposed to any stop gap measure I can rustle up…..

  30. Barbara

    This conversation is incredibly helpful, thank you! Seems to me we’re all kind of arriving at the same consensus, and it could be THE TURNING POINT, and to use a metaphor, I’ll go with Elila’s blue-nosed gophers. We are no longer in step with the pink-nosed gophers and we’ll be darned if we’ll go back to being pink-nosed, because that is the ‘old’ way… fit in, don’t ask questions, build your own cage and if your nose is blue, then better dye it pink quick. But seems to me that the energies that are coming in, which we can definitely all agree are intense and certainly making us all sit up and take notice, there has got to be meaning in those heightened frequencies, and I choose to interpret them as ‘beginnings’ for us, and not just timid ones, but proud blue-nosed gophers ones. Thing is we’re not quite sure of what those beginnings may be, whereas in the past we had a pretty good handle on them, because we had pink noses! About ego… a long time ago I received an insight, which I’ve never forgotten, and because we can be pretty harsh on ourselves when it comes to self-judging, I’ll give it here in the hope that it may help… “Egos are not be destroyed, they are to be tamed.” I mean, without our distinct and very unique egos, we would still be pink-nosed gophers. Love, B.

    1. Elila

      Barbara you crack me up sister. Your analogy hits it on the (blue) nose! I am so wishing that you are right (and I like your stance), that this is a major turning point for all of us, a new beginning—“yes, Gus, a BEEEEEEEEEG one” (shout out to big fat Greek wedding 2 haha–couldnt resist). Also feel the same about ego. Not sure when I knew it but yep it’s not to be “conquered” or even “transcended” necessarily? But more like calmed and befriended. It helps me sometimes to find ways to appreciate all its FEARFUL chatter, like saying to it ” wow! You are really good at what you do! But we can probly dial it back a notch or two, no?” Lol

  31. Ian

    You all are fabulous.

    I’m at my new job: I watch a 3 year old with a seizure disorder while he attends pre-school. Right now…it’s nap time…and all the little kids are sacked out with super nice soothing music going; teachers rubbing their backs…

    I’m just trying to stay awake…This is so soooo peaceful. First day: sure they are taking it easy on me. (Yawn)

    It’s so funny! I’m all…trying to be nice…cheerful…fun for all these little kids (HAVE NEVER EVER WORKED WITH CHILDREN), and I’m watching the teachers….

    DAMN! They are REALLY good with boundaries! I was thinking… If I could be like this with people it would I’ll be so much better.

    And the kids mind the teachers; …but they don’t me cause I’m trying to be too nice.

    The teachers told me…YOULL LEARN.

    Kids are totally different creatures! Lord Help me….and let nap time come every day…and don’t let me fall asleep so I can keep my job (thou shalt not fall asleep on duty or someone will die and it will be your fault, nurse).

    …and this music is amazing! Soothing (snap awake)

    1. Elila

      You are pretty fab yourself Ian. And I think all us adults would like a nap time too….and someone to rub our backs…..ah heaven…..☺

  32. Ian

    You guys are absolutely the best sorta people. I always learn so much from what you say…and I really value the fellow ship. Thanks so much.

  33. kat


    ” I mean it was great to get a check that I didn’t know was coming and all…..but yeah the underwhelm of reality. Boo”

    Exactly. And then I feel guilty for being “ungrateful” but at the same time remain disappointed. That is one of the reasons why I have issues with that law of attraction rubbish. If the wishes don’t come true the way that I wanted (or a better version of it) but in a toned down, “dollar store” way, then that fucking law either doesn’t work or it is taking the piss out of me.

  34. Ian

    Kat…KAT!!! HERECY!!!

    Ten Hail Mary’s, Girl!


    I’ve had the same thought about “Laws of attraction.” All sorta books on the subject! Oh, remember that movie…”The Secret?” Honestly, I couldn’t get through all of it. My innards recoiled because that was a paradigm I’d already tried to integrate before I’d seen it but had found it too contriving (Like a lot of what Hollywood debouches).

    It’s all an Experiment. We are all in a state of discovery about physical elements; mixing, matching…and seeing what comes.

    Now, I bet everyone has experienced the explosions. That’s Overwhelming! Ugh!

    More often then not, though…we just make a lot of messes. THAT’S VERY UNDERWHELMING…and arduous to clean up, air out…put away. In fact some of those outcomes ruin everything, and you got to get new supplies and equipment…which is costly in time, effort and resources. But we have this outrageous curiosity…and we just HAVE to know what else there is to discover!!! We just GOTTA!

    I think the Movie, “The Secret” is just this big ass advertisement that sucks us into an “Idea” about a way of being. But it doesn’t really describe the reality of the purpose. It’s aim is to get us to “Buy in” to an experiment without supplying much to our own efforts.

    Law of attraction, To me…it’s like the idea of Karma. When I think about it, I think, “Is my monkey brain really (for real) able to think that far out into the elemental connections of every and all lifetimes…and the lifetimes of everyone that touches my mind…and by that…through the six degrees of separation by and through which we are supposed to be connected to? I THINK NOT!

    So…I feel your frustration. I know my monkey brain isn’t wired for that…AND I’M A NEUROTIC (SPINNING SPARKING SMOKING FROTHING MIND THAT WON’T STOP)…and it is so galling that a mind like this can’t try to make those kinds of connections AND LIVE…THRIVE…GO ABOUT THE BUSINESS OF MAKING ENDS MEET in the areas of money, my relationships, love…care, fun…experiencing life to meet the needs of what I do know which is get through life stronger than I came into it…beat back the circumstances that presented the lessons I’m learning (have learned and will learn)…rise above them (3D to 5D) and contribute to this goal we aim to meet.

    To me, the law of attraction is more a…soul consideration. Soul handles that. I may be struggling to “Know” the soul’s intent and integrate it….but then again…”Monkey Brain.” Our brains aren’t quite there yet. So…for now, I just schlep along within my own physical ability…adrenalin pumping, mind whirling ….”Ah Hahs!!” a’coming (and going)…making choices…about what elements to re-combine so I can finally get to what makes gold (and hopefully write down the formulas as I’m going so I can remember…nothing worse then finally creating something fabulous and then not remember how to do it again…which is sorta like what “The Secret is.” It’s like a bunch of people saying, “I made Gold,” but no one really wrote down the formula that can be repeated by others…otherwise…WE’D ALL HAVE GOLD.

    Good experimenters…such as we are, share what they’ve discovered…the good and the bad of it…it advances us along in our study in this great experiment.

    1. kat

      “I think the Movie, “The Secret” is just this big ass advertisement that sucks us into an “Idea” about a way of being”

      I haven’t watched the movie nor have I read the book, because I was so repulsed by its marketing. It was too focused on materialism and how we can attract the big house, the Porsche, the good looking partner, blah blah blah. Too much hollywood bullshit.
      The real LAW did work for me at times and at other times it didn’t and there was not really something that I did differently than the times it did work.

      “To me, the law of attraction is more a…soul consideration. Soul handles that”

      I absolutely agree and that’s the way I see it, too. What I always disliked about the conventional definition of the LAW is that it was too mental based. But the wishes I do have do come from my soul. It warms my heart and my whole being thinking about them and imagining them being true. And it’s not that I’m just dreaming about them, I of course do sth for them as well. So yeah, the LAW feels a bit arbitrary to me.
      I think one thing is that I have been on this path for so long and purged and processed and suffered and shifted for more than 16 years, I spent my whole 20’s in this state – a time where others have fun and enjoy life. So a part of me feels like it is owed at least some stable finances. I don’t think that’s too much to ask, d’you know what I mean?

  35. Elila

    Omg Kat I am laughing so hard right now at your description of the “dollar store” version of wishes—–thats IT!!!!!! Just so IT, LOL. And I find it so hard to believe that thats all this grand universe can manage. And then the literature on LOA tells us if that’s all we are getting its our own fault for not policing our thoughts better! I literally just yesterday had an Abraham thing show up in my YouTube queue about money and for some reason I got sucked into listening to it. Again, same stuff about how we can’t attract from a “not enough” consciousness and need to be in an “unlimited resources” or “money grows on trees” state of mind. Well who among us can manufacture THAT with our little human brain when we have never experienced such a thing?? Ugh whatever I best not start on this nut lol or we’ll be here all day. Ian I 100% agree with you about the secret (and I read the book and watched the movie–altho thankfully did not spend my own money on either)–its people saying oh I made gold but none of them wrote down the recipe (I reckon because none of them ACTUALLY KNOW HOW they did it) so it’s just a bunch of fluff! I also feel the same about LOA being for the SOUL, not our MIND. I suspect for myself it possibly seems ineffective to me because I’m trying to engage it with my mind instead of (and here we are back at the beginning with the TRUSTING) relaxing and allowing SPIRIT to do all the heavy lifting. I’m still in the back seat trying to have some control over how and when and blahblahblah!
    And kat—-yesssss I feel the same —been on this trip for more than twenty years now and sometimes feel like it has “taken the best years of my life”. It’s taken my marriage, my relationships, all my friends, all the jobs, my money, my homes, my looks, my figure……so yeah I don’t think it’s too much to ask to be able to live out what’s left at least Financially stable!!!! xxx

    1. kat

      Elila, I knew you gonna laugh 😀 I was laughing as well when I wrote it and I laughed again when I read your reply

      “And then the literature on LOA tells us if that’s all we are getting its our own fault for not policing our thoughts better! ”

      I know! So annoying! As if the universe or my soul doesn’t know better than me and my little mind. It just makes the universe appear to be really dumb for not recognising what we really mean

      ” Again, same stuff about how we can’t attract from a “not enough” consciousness and need to be in an “unlimited resources” or “money grows on trees” state of mind. Well who among us can manufacture THAT with our little human brain when we have never experienced such a thing?”

      Exactly. I do get sucked into watching these types of videos and I usually do not feel better after watching them. I did find a really good reiki video on youtube and I felt his energy really strongly even before he sent out the energy. I klicked into about minute 9:36 and left it from then. Check it out if you want

      1. Elila

        Kat I’m still chuckling over it lol. And everything you say here—SAAAAAAME! Laughed again when you said it made the univdrse look dumb lol lol. Also I will check out the vid! xxx

  36. Ian

    You all are cracking me up so bad (ROFLMAO). Like I keep saying, I have no solutions. You know…I get hits from spirit every once in a while. You know what it says?

    “Mind your own business!” That’s right! That’s what it says with regard to these teachers and fluff machines out there.

    Of course, some of them have some really good wisdom to share. If I ask spirit about it, it would say something like…. “And so?! They are no you. You are not them. You have something they don’t have! The keys to YOU! And trust me, you don’t want the keys to their life either. NOTHING IS AS YOU THINK IT IS, AND NOTHING IS AS ANYONE CAN SAY! Language doesn’t speak “Soul.” Best to just listen to your self on these matter. By all means…be inspired by others, but don’t expect the same outcomes from a template that wasn’t generated by or from your own life.”

    There…that’s what spirit would say to me on the matter. ROFL.

    That said…oddly…in attempting to articulate matters of the soul, we have developed ideas to follow and experiment with for ourselves. On one hand, it’s absolutely fascinating and inspiring! ON the other hand…deeply frustrating because, what comes from another’s version of truth usually only has an approximation of what would be true for me. That doesn’t make it worthless at all. No, it can be quite important. While I go about the business of trying it out, I learn what’s true for me…and it’s not exactly what another said it was; doesn’t look exactly like what I discover for myself…but it was important to consider other’s “Ideas” as I came into my discoveries.

    Before I discovered this, I gladly tried to take on other’s templates; their ideas about “My” soul…as if my soul was like their soul. IT IS NOT! NOT ONE BIT! JUST LIKE PEOPLE ARE NOT LIKE EACH OTHER.

    That’s why I REALLY love love love the idea of “Self Love.” If you ever have an opportunity to read Anita Moorjani’s book, “Dying to be me,” or “What if this is Heaven,” maybe it would help to understand what she imparts about “Self Love” which is the premise of both books.

    It IS a near Death Experience story, but unlike most of these sorta books, she hardly focuses on the mystical aspect; glitz and glam. She really does focus on the human physical life implications of what her NDE came to mean for her. SELF LOVE! SELF LOVE. SELF LOVE. And she describes it very well…and it’s implications and how it connects all of us together. And…’IT’S ABSOLUTELY NO “SECRET.” LOL

    Peace out! You Peeps are amazing and wonderful!! ABSOLUTELY!

      1. Ian

        I really get so much out of being here; sharing life with you guys. You all are so fun, smart…deeply feeling…deeply “Living” this thing called life. You all speak openly and honestly…Authentically. You speak from where you are…from your most exalted selves in process of rising out of some serious ashes (Phoenix all….what the fucking plural for “Phoenix?” Phonei? &^%$…too lazy to google).

  37. Elila

    Ian LMAO about the plural of Phoenix hahaha–i don’t know either! Phoenices?? Thanks for the book recommendation–I’ve seen those titles but had no idea they were about self love–thought they were just more NDE stuff that seems to be “trending”. I put them on my Library list!

    1. Ian

      Yeah…I fell in love with Anita Moorjani. She has a lot of Youtube interview stuff, too. Her books are amazing (I thought), and you can pretty much get the same story and “Spirit” of what she is saying from her youtube videos. She pretty much speaks of the same story…and from I’ve seen, it pretty much doesn’t change; no embellishments…doesn’t get more and more wild and out there. It’s a simple message that is expressed deeply.

      I’ve been around snot nosed little kids for nearly a week in my new reconciling mid-life post crisis; many of these kids coughing, sneezing and coughing all kinda colors, textures and…Oh?! Do you remember rubbing your snotting noses all over your bare arms leaving green trails of slime? I don’t remember doing that, but…Maybe it’s a millennial thing.

      Guess who get’s to be sick now! NOOOOOOOooooooooo! I’m going to hit the ni-quel ’cause my quartz crystal aint doin’ it’s job. Funny how those damn virus (bacteria…”Kid Germs”) slip past all my defenses. When I “Om,” snot runs out of my nose….

      So…being held back in Earth School time out. What I get for giving my teachers apples with worms in them. They looked all right from the outside…Baha ha ha ha (dribble, bubble and hack).

      Peace out!

  38. Barbara

    Oh, Ian, yes, indeed, the old green slime trick on the sleeve… gets those pesky adults all the time!

    So I’ve been thinking about the LOA discussion, which I agree with… “The Secret” was so glam, glitz and totally unrealistic that I wonder if it worked for anyone other than the folks who made the film and wrote the book… they got rich, no doubt about that!

    In one of Barbara Marciniak’s book, which I’ve re-read a few times and always get something new out of them… the P’s state words to the effect… “You White Hats sure know how to give, but you don’t have a clue about how to receive.” And I thought of Maria’s story about helping the lady with her car, and then how Maria felt obligated and had cornered herself, and yet Universe sent the solution, perhaps a tad late in linear time, but there it was. Moral of the story… I’m going to give some thought to the ‘how’ of my receiving.

    I see us White Hats sitting around in 5D enjoying our beverage of choice, and Source pops in and says, “Hey, anyone want to go to Earth and help clean up the BS going on down there in 3D?” And we all leaped to our feet and said, “Darned right, let’s do it,” and not one of us, with our feet up on table, hat pushed to back of head, said, ” What’s in it for me?” Love, B.

    1. kat

      ““Hey, anyone want to go to Earth and help clean up the BS going on down there in 3D?” And we all leaped to our feet and said, “Darned right, let’s do it,” and not one of us, with our feet up on table, hat pushed to back of head, said, ” What’s in it for me?””

      Lol that doesn’t sound like me. I’m not that selfless 😀
      And I strogly feel that there is an incentive somewhere for us. There always is

      1. Elila

        Haha me too kat–cant imagine I jumped up! I think I would have needed some persuading. I feel like there must be some incentive as well

    2. mom2bzs

      Aw Barbara, I’m so good at giving and can really suck at receiving. When I give reiki at my reiki circle and someone comes and gives it to me, I have to repeat to myself “I’m open to receiving”.

      1. kat

        Sherry, maybe you are a bit wary when it comes to energy from other people? I can imagine that many ppl are a bit cautious when it comes to that

        1. Probably have a point there Kat. Being as empathic as I am, I need to make sure I don’t take on their frequencies. I’ve been trying to be very vigilant about that. A couple of times a day, I make it a point of saying “I release all frequencies, emotions, and thoughts that aren’t mine”. Its one of the drawbacks of being an empath.

          I’ve noticed I’m not real good at receiving compliments also. I’m thinking that because I was raised in a family of origin with such mixed messages, I’m always wondering what someone wants from me, what’s their motivation.

          I have to say I’m not always like this, it varies with the energy I’m feeling. Most of the time I’m very kind and loving.

  39. Ian

    Hey Barbara and Kat…I really thought your statements were intriguing! I don’t know the reference of a “White Hat.”

    I went YEARS AND YEARS in a completely jaded state about the concept of “Unconditional Love.” HATED THE MERE MENTION OF IT! Thought it was BULLLLLL SHHHHHITTTTT!

    By and By and along the pursuit of my more conscious idea about what I was here for which was the “Idea” about compassion I aimed to foster (F*^K Unconditional love…phewy). Compassion seemed more manageable (cough…man I was a pretty mixed up young man…but Noble in my attempts and undeveloped naiveté)…along that course, I ran up, AGAIN…against unconditional love and what it meant. At some point I came to understand what it was to ME.

    For me (at the level I am with it which is very Earthy…I do not claim to be master of a greater expression of such than I know or can handle), Unconditional love was simply accepting the conditions we human work with…and loving our way through them. When I say…”Loving our way through them,” what I mean to say is that I can still considering loving as an option…or come back to it if I loose a grasp of it in a moment. In other words…don’t give up and call it a total loss just because something as pesky as a “Condition” pops up. I AM A VERY CONDITIONAL PERSON…my life is rife with conditions. Many of these are not of my making. Some of them are natural conditions…like…I have to have air to breath if I want to keep my body alive. That’s a condition.

    If I want to love…then I have to accept the conditions that we place on love. THOSE conditions are as varies as there are number of people on the earth. I figure that, despite how I HATE some conditions (and I surly DO hate some of them)…then I’ve done due diligence with it if I can still choose to continue pursuit of love. For example…If I break my word to someone…and they hate me because I failed at a condition they created…then…I say I’m sorry, I don’t abandon them (even if they abandon me for my “Failure,” I do my best to keep my word…

    And the same principle applies the opposite way around…I do my best to foster the best in the one that betrayed me by NOT antagonizing; forgive (NO…I DON’T HAVE TO FUCKING FORGET ANYTHING)…Discern objectively if I can trust…if not…go my own way without hubris and let natural consequence take it’s course.

    The conditions evolve…But I still got ’em…and I’m gonna hold on to them because life has conditions. I’ve never really “Seen” people without conditions…without some degree of accepting conditions even as they live by them. What concerns me is when people say that THERE ARE NO CONDITIONS…And I’ll be all like…”Well…give me all your houses, money…car…,” and they’d say…”Well…no, I can’t do that. I have to live, right?”

    EXACTLY! We live by our conditions…but our conditions can change and evolve. How shall we contribute to the evolution of what is conditional to live by…to attain a state of unconditional love?

    I got my sign out: WORK IN PROGRESS: Approach with Care (and a hard hat).

  40. Ian

    Why is receiving more difficult than giving? I have particular hardship in this department (Nearly kills me to accept gifts even to the degree of Birthdays…I’d rather get myself what I want and let people enjoy the cake I made…in complete satisfaction…and no obligation), but maybe it’s the obligation thing I take so seriously.

    I hate feeling obligated because, again…”The conditions” someone might place on it. “What’s the price?” (Cringe).

    Talk about a “Trigger.” (Deep breath in…let it out slow.” I’ve hidden from the world A LOT just because of this thing called “Obligation”…I give a lot when I’m out and about…but I’m a kind of “Drop it off and run” sorta person because I don’t want to get into a cycle of taking and receiving because sometimes want to “Give” a condition with regard to what they give in return…

    I’m a hot mess with this particular human dynamic…I don’t “Get it.” (whine).

  41. Ian

    Discerning the obligation is where I’ve failed…stuck to giving more so I owed NO ONE…not trusting or understanding the price…while always assuming there is one (somewhere waiting to bite me…Why?

    Because I give too much and don’t get in return (don’t allow it).

    This part is my responsibility too. Discerning “receiving” is where I have a HUGE blond spot…where I feel most vunderable.

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