Letting Go Of You


We discuss in length how important it is to let go of certain activities or relationships or groups in our life. But there’s nothing more important than letting go of ourselves.

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And the ourselves I am speaking of is the human personality’s story. Our entire history as Maria, or Frank, or whatever name we call ourself.

The only way we can move into our own freedom here in these bodes as enlightened humans is to release, in love and honor, our entire lineage, and all of the stories and wounds that came with it.

It doesn’t mean our history will no longer exist, but our soul is distilling all the wisdom from all those experiences for us.

We as the human aren’t doing any of that distilling. We couldn’t even if we wanted to. If anything, the human persona wants to hold onto that past. It identifies with it on a deep level.

As much as we feel burdened with our ancestral bodies and all the inherited crap, and as much as we want to move beyond our many wounds, from this and other lifetimes, there is still a part of us that isn’t willing to let it go.

Sometimes we are reluctant to let go of a job, or a friendship, because we are afraid of being lonely. I mean how many people can we let go of before we are literally all alone in this world. Aren’t we already feeling that loneliness acutely from time to time?

So to have to let go of our entire family lineage that goes back millennia, that seems like a tall order. That means we are literally all alone in this world. That’s a scary thought.

But it’s why we are here, as pioneers of an incredible experience. Embodying our Consciousness, while staying here and walking the planet as humans who have merged with their Christed selves, our I AM.

And we have been doing just that. We have been releasing our past. It’s why we often feel empty. It’s why we can’t relate so much with that world out there, or even at times with our own family and friends.

But rather than seeing these symptoms as a negative experience, why not see them as an indication that we are indeed releasing our stories, and all of the wounds associated with them?

All of the trauma, and all of the physical issues that were never ours to begin with.

And that’s my next point.

All of the stories in all of those lifetimes, and all of the wounds, the depression, the addictions, the fears, the doubts…..all of that is not ours. It never was. You’ve heard all of this before. But it so important right now to remind ourselves that those experiences, those emotions, and those physical conditions that to a degree we seem to still be carrying around…..are not ours. And their time has come.

Of course that doesn’t mean we will be rid of all of our stuff. We can’t expect that to happen. There is always stuff that remains in shadow. Even after realization there is stuff there, but the difference is that we no longer get triggered by it.

But there is a sadness in the human that must be honored. He is letting go of who he thought he was. There is a grieving. There is also a whole lot of distractions so that he or she doesn’t feel that sadness.

But sooner or later our human self will have to feel whatever comes up, honor it, and let it go.

But the good news is as we release the old ancestral patterns from our being, we are paving the way for our ancestors, and even those in our immediate family to do the same. To free themselves up too.

Nothing is really lost.

It’s only a grand illusion that we are losing people. We are releasing our old connection with them, in which there were dysfunctional patterns. Patterns that weren’t serving them or us.

But part of moving into our sovereignty is creating physical bodes that are free from old beliefs and patterns of thought, so that they become our true bodies. Bodies that reflect our true consciousness.

There will be a tendency to want to let go of some stuff, but hang onto other stuff from our lineage. Sorry, no can do. It’s all or nothing. In other words, we are not going to be able to move into our freedom if we are still clinging onto our past.

Again that doesn’t mean we can’t be proud of our heritage, and enjoy the customs or traditions of our families. In fact we can enjoy them even more when we are free.

I never enjoyed Christmas much. It felt like a sad time to me. And like just another obligation. And it’s because I was such an empath that I was internalizing others’ sadness. But as I released my past, with all the sadness, and any sense of duty around having to celebrate it, I can now enjoy the essence of the Christmas season like never before.

I love the decorations, and the Christmas music. But that’s because there’s no longer any association with them as being sad, or feeling lonely and depressed.

In many ways I have freed myself from the heaviness of my past, and of my family’s past. Especially related to the females in the family.

But I have to honor that it is a process and there are times when I get triggered and feel the wounds.

We’re not trying to get rid of our human experience. Not at all, but as we move into our realization, that experience will be much more free from the heaviness of our past, and enriched with the joys of our soul.

And our experience as the realized human will more than make up for any sense of loss we many be feeling now. Our true, eternal self knows that those emotions, the fears, the loneliness, the boredom, and the doubt….are illusions. They are not ours, and they are being released even as your eyes are on this page.

But remember that before any big shift in consciousness, there have been big fears and doubts.

So, have fun letting go of YOU! And have fun as you realize that there’s nothing truly lost.

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16 thoughts on “Letting Go Of You

  1. elizabethsadhu

    Thanks SiSTAR!

    Free falling……all or nothing. ALL!!!

    I just came home from a visit with my ma. Jim rode his bike and I drove there. It takes me about 45 minutes and it takes him about four and a half hours. He is now riding home. THAT keeps him sane. Having him there with me keeps me sane. I just took a two hour nap. That also keeps me sane. AND interestingly I often refer to my ma and the family as my ma’s family. I just can’t relate. They are on the opposite side of pretty much every viewpoint I have. One consolation is that while my car was parked in her driveway, the Biden-Harris sign was in FULL VIEW. ha!

    So, COVID blessing. WE don’t say long. WE sit outside. WE wear masks. She thinks we’re nuts. WE do a super quarantine to go visit her since she has Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. She is amazed but thinks we are nuts. hahahahahahahha

    Back about 30 years ago I decided I needed a break from my ma. I refused to talk to her, write to her, etc for a couple of years. It was one of the most liberating things I have ever done for myself. I seriously did NOT realize how much time I spent worrying about her. I basically was the most adult one in the family growing up. I don’t feel that I was ever taken care of or nurtured or protected.

    So, hell yes! I don’t have to do it anymore.
    I have two amazing and wonderful children. My best friend son and best friend daughter. I have a most amazing best friend hubby.

    I am f’in blessed.

    So, done. Complete. Let go. Free falling from that old apple tree.

    love love love love love

  2. golf4life1

    I was in the grocery store, Few minutes ago. They were playing some songs from the seventies and I was signing along as I walked around the store. Not sure I would have done that without a mask on.

      1. elizabethsadhu

        I love how the guy’s “head” keeps popping off.

        This is fun and funny.

        AND siSTAR–you are so right, we will just need to take care of ourselves with and without COVID. ha!

        Or as Jim likes to say, “fuck you and the horse you rode in on.” 🙂

  3. ICU

    I will hold you to your word, Maria. The human being is mean. And the spirit must work through it. Of what is distilled, no one may know now….not fully. Not enough to make it “all” right.

    Ah…but have faith in that spirit, dearest…have faith.

    The best is yet to come. Ignore the costume…ignore the history which we bundle about us. It is mean. It is…shabby at its best.

    One day we will know better. We see it, don’t we…glimpses?


    You are blessed.

    We are blessed for knowing you.

    1. ICU….I get the feeling you’re not using the word mean in the traditional sense of the word.

      Perhaps you ‘mean’ it in the way we have been living lifetimes after lifetimes. Kind of mean to ourselves, because our Soul hasn’t been a big enough part of those lives. And then the meanness finds its way to others, toward others.

      And others and circumstances being a reflection of that meanness toward self.

      It all seems to boil down to not feeling worthy as the human.

      But if we can’t allow ourselves to receive from our soul, and allow our own energies to serve us, then we can get pretty mean and ornery, if we keep choosing to close ourselves off from the bounty of our own SELF.

      And I agree, we’re going to get there, even if it’s from sheer exhaustion. Which is a good place because the resistance just evaporates in that moment of surrender. 💜

  4. Tyron Jones

    Good day Maria. I trust you are well. Another great post.
    It’s been a while since this one. I wonder whether CC’s farcical and shambolic (well, save for the last 30 minutes or so which were a slight retrieval), last shoud has anything to do with it…? I’m sure not but it certainly threw a few things into question for me.
    I think ‘Geoffrey and/or Adamus’ lost a lot of credibility with that ‘performance’ sadly.
    Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts – so synchronistic, and look forward to your next.
    Love and best wishes to you. Tyron

    1. Greetings Tyron. Glad you’re enjoying the posts!

      I actually found October’s Shoud inspiring. I guess I’m used to Adamus’ theatrics. He was definitely channeling his aspect, Shakespeare there for a few minutes. Lol.

      But I know too well the feeling of doubt about so much of this realization experience. For me standing behind the short wall is a snap when it comes to politics and social issues compared to standing behind it when it comes to my own mind’s drama.

      Love and best wishes to you too! 🙏💕

      1. Tyron

        I hear you Maria. I (🐒) did perhaps use a few strong words here and go slightly over the top… 👀 🤦‍♂️ I too am used to, and enjoy Adamus’ theatrics ordinarily, and am All about the FUN (which I actually believe is the ‘only’ reason we’re here – this time around at least).
        What I was really trying to say (but didn’t have the capacity to say properly at the time (🧠😣) for various reasons 🐒), is that I felt the opening/first part of this shoud really should have been dedicated to all that had been said pretty much the whole of this year, even prior to the antics of CV, particularly given the 2 month break between shouds ‘and’ the timeframe given of mid-end ‘ish’ August (slap bang in the middle of the break), when things should start to ‘calm down’ a little. I was at actually genuinely shocked that there was no mention of it.
        As you know, the constant and continuous message from CC/Adamus, for many years in fact, has been to ‘Allow’. This year, as you will also know, there has been an extra emphasis on this, telling Shaumbra that ‘Allowing’ is ALL they should be focusing on, even to the point where if their house burns down… Allow it…. (“I’m deadly serious” he said earlier this year), if their partners leave (including transitioning), Allow it….. if they get sick (including ‘really’ sick – with dis-ease…), Allow it, financial issues…. Allow it, family problems… Allow it etc etc etc, whatever happens; anything; Everything; good, bad (or seemingly – we know by now it’s All good even if it seems/feels bad at the time), or indifferent, just ALLOW it…..

        I get it…… I more than get….. (I’ve been on this journey a long time), it’s all part of the ‘clearing out the old’; helping to retire (in a manner of speaking) the human/mind and assure it, that it’s old job (or what it thought it was), is no longer required – whatever is necessary to ultimately Allow this realisation once and for all and to trust and ‘Allow’ the Soul/inner Being/I AM to come through and lead the way (so to speak) for us (human and soul) to unify/reunify ⭕️ and become an Embodied Master, (everything you talk about – and so well 🙂👏🏼 ).
        However…. I feel there will definitely be people out there (and I 🐒 was one of them – partly) that have been hanging on Adamus’ every last word, particularly in light of what’s been said this year, to help guide them through this process (which is ultimately what he’s here for), or certainly elements of (for me) anyway and it would have been nice (and right, I feel) of him to at least have made some reference to the constant message of this year and not just get straight into this ‘new series’ almost as though none of what had been said, had been said.
        Anyway…. rant over lol Hopefully you will see what I’m trying to say.
        At the end of the day we know that everyone is on their own path/journey/at slightly different stages and it is ultimately themselves that has to ‘allow’ this process, but these ‘guides’ are there for a reason and there are people that need ‘and’ rely on them, and their ‘wisdom’ to some degree at least to ‘hold their hands’ through what they’re going through, which as you know (and Adamus himself has said often), can be ‘very’ brutal…

        Love and best wishes. Tyron 💛🙏🏻✨

        1. Tyron, you have said it well here. And I agree with you, there are times it feels like not just Adamus, but other celestial beings, even if they have lived other lifetimes here, forget how brutal this process is on their human counterparts.

          Even our own beloved soul, as much as it loves us, isn’t experiencing the real time, visceral pain and discomfort of 3D.

          I mean, we all are guilty of that ourselves. When we see other humans close to us struggling with their issues, issues we ourselves have transcended, we tend not to give them the support they may desire in those moments, because part of us has forgotten how much pain we were in too. Which I guess is a good thing.

          But I agree with you there are times when Adamus just isn’t there in the way we would like him to be.

          So what I have done over the years is connect with other mentors, like Robert Theiss, and John McCurdy, and others who have a slightly different technique and who can offer what Adamus can’t always, and it helps to balance out the whole process for me.

          Thank you for being here, my friend, and for going through this with the rest of us crazy Atlantean headband pirates. Lol.💜

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