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Still Trying To Hold it Together?

Image Credit Maria Chambers

Have you ever found yourself trying to make a relationship work?  Or watched other people trying, and you just know, in your soul, that it isn’t supposed to be that hard.  But then you hear the voices of others who whisper in your ear, “Relationships are work.”  Or “Anything worthwhile is hard work.  Sacrifice. Continue reading


Is It Time To Express? Is It Time To Share?

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Art by Maria Chambers

I have mentioned in other posts that we are always expressing.  And if we aren’t allowing ourselves to express our voice, another part of us will find ways to do that.  Even if it’s through bodily imbalances, and emotions like depression. Continue reading


True Passion

Years ago when in my twenties, I left New Jersey and a controlling Greek father behind, and drove, with a college boyfriend, to a small midwest town named Iron River, Wisconsin.

log-cabinWe lived for almost a year in a small cabin type home in the woods, along with another young couple.  What could be more exciting and new?

What started out as just a vacation ended up being more.  I worked at the local fishing pole factory, since jobs there were scarce.  My days involved wrapping wire around fishing poles, and inadvertently inhaling solvent based glue without proper ventilation. (Back in the early 70’s). Continue reading


Ascension, And Moving Beyond Depression

Enjoy Maria’s Song from my album, Simply Divine, while reading the post.

Many have moved through depression in their awakening process, but many are still experiencing this difficult symptom.

Depression. sadness, hopelessness, grief. Feel it all. Let it course through your veins, let it run through your body. Let the tears flow, for they are so cleansing. Don’t hold back. Feel the heaviness in your heart. Maybe you are just numb and feel nothing. Allow it all.

You can’t be on this ascension path without feeling, at some point, some form of depression.. It may feel like the depression is coming from a life event such as separation from a partner, loss of a job, a health issue for example. But really it is because you are letting go of everything you thought you were. As you look in the mirror you may not recognize the person you see anymore. You wonder where you are going. Sometimes you feel like the little boy or the little girl who can’t find their parents. They feel so abandoned.

It’s all perfectly natural. Your heart is heavy perhaps. You can’t seem to engage in life the way you see other people engaging in life. You may feel empty. Heavy. It’s OK.

Things you used to enjoy don’t seem to do it for you anymore. You may have ended a relationship. Perhaps lost a job. You don’t seem to be connecting with people the same way anymore. While many people are intrigued with their family tree and who they may have been in other lifetimes, you are releasing all of that.  All a natural part of your transformational process. As painful as it may be, and as much as you need to feel it and allow it, understand that it’s not personal. You are among many who are experiencing variations of the same thing. You are shedding your old self. In just about every way. Your mind interprets that as a great loss. But that conclusion is an illusion.

You see, your mind in this entire process is really in the dark. There is so much going on, so much transformation, that the mind just has no clue. So in order to put the mind at rest, you can just allow all of the feelings to go through you. Don’t try to resist them.  But depression may feel like a stuck energy to you. In a way it is stuck. Your mind is trying to hang onto it. And perhaps underneath the depression there is anger. If you feel the anger surfacing please allow yourself to express it in a safe way. That at least is movement. Keep the energies moving as much as possible through you. Because they are not you.

There is so much going on in you right now. You are releasing things, people, situations, your old patterns, your old ancestral lineage. Your galactic history.  You’re releasing and transforming your old concepts and beliefs.  And on top of all of that you’re also feeling into the mass consciousness right now and that energy can feel very depressing. There are entities around you and even in the near Earth realms who are being affected by this new energy. You’re feeling those as well because you are an empath.

Your entire body is being re-formatted in order to accommodate your new partner, your soul, your Divinity. (And by the way, you dont need to be free of all your ‘issues’ physically or emotionally in order for spirit to reside in you more fully.) And you’re losing nothing. You are gaining so much that one day you will look back and you will recognize the depression for what it was. Not to diminish the feelings, but you will see the depression as just a little blip on a huge screen. You will just feel that you had to go through it but it was only temporary. And it was so important not to resist it. You can talk to your mind, and tell it that nothing is really lost.  Everything is just transforming and integrating.


You are not an energy holder. Those days are over for you. Others on the planet are taking over that role.  Holding energies for gaia, for example.  Or for others.  You are now an energy mover and you need to keep energies moving as much as possible.  In other words, as soon as you try to block or try to scramble out of the emotion, whether it’s depression or fear or anger, you reinforce it.  And when you try to hold the energy for others, it becomes stuck energy.  In the new consciousness, it’s all about letting it all in but not identifying with it.  Not processing it.  Not analyzing it.  Just accepting it, and in that way it becomes unstuck.  It can be released.  For women especially, your new role is to disconnect from the pain of humanity.  To not identify with all the emotions.  To choose how you want to feel.  And to allow yourself to express yourself through your sensual nature, no longer just expressing through and residing in the heart.  Because your soul doesn’t reside in just your heart, but wants to move through you in a profoundly sensual way.  It’s your creative force.  And you haven’t felt safe to express in this way.

And dear sisters, you can’t have it both ways:  You can’t embody spirit, you can’t be free while you are still processing for others what they need to process for themselves.

What you can do for yourself through this process is to nurture yourself as much as possible. Take walks in nature. Do some light exercise like walking or whatever feels good. Dancing is such a wonderful way to express and release stuck energies. Go out and sit at a local cafe for a while. Paint, draw, journal, sing. B R E A T H E…..drink lots of water.  And just remember you have so much support and assistance all around you. In the non-physical you have so many souls that are watching over you and while they can’t interfere, they are sending their love and support and admiration for what you are going through. Because as you awaken and ascend in your body it opens up doors for them as well. They honor you for what you’re doing here on the planet along with many other brave souls who volunteered to go first through this awesome and often crushing process. You are not alone. Just reach out to your entourage. They are right there next to you. Just remember you are so much more than who you are when you look in the mirror. You are so much grander than the depression you are feeling.

author’s note:  If you are taking prescription medications for depression, ultimately it is best to be off of them, but do so carefully and gradually, as recommended by your doctor.

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