Ascension: Accepting, Not Perfecting

angel-1212559_1920There are some major misconceptions circulating about the embodied enlightenment and ascension process.  The biggest being that we are moving into a perfected state of light and love.  Sure, there’s a lot of both light and love, but that’s not truly what this transformation is about.

The embodied enlightenment process is about becoming fully conscious while still remaining in these bodies.  It’s the total integration of every aspect of ourselves as the human.  The inner child, and the masculine and feminine.   The light and the so-called dark.   All the aspects of us from all the other lifetimes.  Many describe ascension as a purification process in which we become pure light and we extract all the so-called negative things that make us human.  Things like impatience, or any so-called negative thought.  Even the physical, sensual desires are considered by some ascension guidelines a distraction.  And in order to achieve this ultimate physical and spiritual embodiment, it is believed we must meditate, become loving and accepting of others, eat only pure foods, and have only pure thoughts.

What a set up!

It sounds like the old man-made religious rhetoric being dragged into the ascension process……a carry over from the idea that man is basically flawed, and in order to be accepted by God, he must qualify by proving worthiness.

In Ascension, we are letting go of all that.  We are giving permission to accept ourselves wholly and completely, just as we are.  Everything about ourselves, every thought, every deed, every aspect gets to be loved, to feel the unconditional acceptance from our I AM Presence.  No exceptions.

And as far as loving everyone else, that’s the biggest lie going around…it’s gone viral!

The master of their own consciousness is discerning.  She or he accepts others for who they are, and understands that others are on their own path, but they don’t necessarily have to love them or even spend time with them.  The ascended master can be quite irreverent.  Quite impatient.  As we know, it’s not easy living in a world that is still so unconscious.

They are not really interested in saving anyone or trying to convert anyone either.  They don’t necessarily possess any superhuman attributes.  They may still have some physical issues.  They are still very human.   But they are also very conscious.  And they have developed a trust in their expanded, eternal self.  They know that they are changing and evolving, as that human.  But it’s by accepting who they are as that human. They know they are not stuck in any place or any consciousness.  They can leave the planet any time.


If we take a look at the Ascended Masters of the past, at their lives, they were very human. They had idiosyncrasies that no one ever talks about….they had their doubts, and got lost in the drama of the consciousness around them at times.  But once they accepted their humanness, once they stopped trying, they became enlightened.  But they didn’t stick around because they were not prepared as we are to embody spirit.  One reason was they had an adversarial relationship with their body, trying to denounce it and all its sensual desires…the sensual nature of life itself.

Their personal stories didn’t necessarily end well…especially Yeshua’s.  The ascended masters of the past consequently did a lot of suffering in order to become enlightened.  Something that was carried down in our DNA. And the churches kept perpetuating it.

child-846235_1920So this Ascension, embodied enlightenment that we are participating in is revolutionary.  It truly has never been done before in this way.  To allow spirit to be in our physical human body.  To do it without the need to be a martyr…It’s new to our body.  It’s new to our human personality.

It’s not about overcoming anything, especially our human personality or our physical body.

It’s really about feeling the ecstasy of being our ascended, eternal self while remaining here in human form.  It’s about expressing that joy.  And then leaving, without trauma or drama, when we want to go on to the next adventure in consciousness.

But for that to happen it’s all about total acceptance of the light and the dark in ourselves and in others. Understanding that other humans are still playing out their Galactic stories,  battling ‘good and evil’, the light and dark.  And really the dark is simply the parts of us that never felt loved by us.  That we felt ashamed of, judged as bad.


The human personality’s fear is that it will get left behind, and consequently the body reflects that fear too.  But nothing gets left behind.  It all gets integrated.  The Soul, in its love for us takes all the wisdom from all our human experiences and integrates it.  That’s how our Soul continues to expand upon the love it has for itself.

And we are not ascending en mass but are doing it individually when we are ready.  We are in the forefront.  Most other humans are not ready and won’t be for many more lifetimes.

This enlightenment is very unique and individual to each of us.  But the common denominator is self-acceptance and self-love.  It’s accepting that we do get lonely, we get irritable.   we feel the doubt.  the fears.  The guilt.  the shame.  We get caught up in the mind’s drama from time to time.

We are still human, with human conditioned responses to life.  But the difference is we are moving beyond the reality in which we were unconscious and just allowed those responses to control our life.  We forgot that we had a choice.

While our embodied enlightenment is a solitary undertaking, we have the friendship and support of others going through this transformation.  That is no accident, for we set it up that way.  We need such support because it requires tremendous dedication, but not in the way that most would understand that to be.  It’s a sacred devotion to self. To having the utmost compassion for oneself, the most profound and honest relationship with our Soul and ourself.  One that will appear strange and selfish to others around us.  Which dispels the myth that EVERYONE is drawn to and just loves the Embodied Master.

So it’s challenging physically because our body is transforming.  It’s challenging to our mind because it wants to be in charge but can’t.  But truly the most challenging aspect of this process is allowing and accepting our human self to be what it is.  And that acceptance is the elixir for transforming everything.  But remember we are not doing this self-acceptance alone.  Our soul is right here doing all the heavy lifting for us.  If we just allow it to.

Enjoy, Came Here To Open Up The Door from Cosmic Blend:

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6 thoughts on “Ascension: Accepting, Not Perfecting

  1. Annette

    And So It Is, Dear Soul Sista!!
    Like I told you upon meeting you here, YOU HAVE, AND CONTINUE TO BE MY GREATEST ASCENSION TEACHER, other than my HIGHER SELF 😉

  2. Holly

    You are so right on! Now that most are realizing the limitations of past paradigm metaphysics, it’s a soothing balm for you to say aloud the next level of awareness. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  3. I always say perfection is a terrible tyranny and the enemy of creativity. During my last awakening period I did a lot of grappling with duality too. It’s all a perfect balance of light and shade, no real need to ‘battle evil forces’, accepting and getting to know about them is probably a far more effective way to proceed.

    The tagline to my blog is ‘when faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them’ (it’s a line from a song by Catatonia). I believe in offering them hospitality and friendship in a spirit of ‘is this really so scary? Let’s see…’ ‘Taming’ demonic forces with acceptance and love brings them to work for YOU, and as they are pretty powerful, why not get them on your side?

    1. Well said, Louise. In fact, once we awaken and realize there is nothing to battle, that drama is in the rear view window, the boredom can set in. Until we realize that our Expanded self wants to just be here with us and wants to experience this reality in the most sensual, intimate way. It’s a whole lot different from the world we are leaving behind.

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